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Cockpit Rewards App

We’re excited to announce an updated version of The Cockpit Rewards App for the 2023-24 season. The Cockpit Rewards App is your one stop shop as a student to connect with Gamecock Athletics. When registering for the app, make sure you use your University of South Carolina email address for points to show up accurately.

During your time at South Carolina, please do not delete your Cockpit App Account. Deleting your account will result in all of your attendance data being removed. If you delete your account and then make a new one, you will not be able to recover any points earned prior to deleting your account.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android


You will use this app to:

  • See upcoming events
  • Track your reward points (now you can see every event you’ve earned points for)
  • Compete the student ticketing process for football, basketball and baseball
  • Scan into all sports (except football, basketball and baseball) to earn points
  • Join the Student Gamecock Club
  • Track your reward prizes

Important Updates

You will NO LONGER use your CarolinaCard to scan into sporting events. For football, basketball and baseball, you’ll receive points by having your student ticket scanned. For all other sports, you MUST have the Cockpit Rewards App downloaded on your phone and a profile created. You will use your Cockpit QR Code ID to scan in for points. You can access your Cockpit QR Code by clicking on View ID on the bottom of the screen in the app. This process will allow points to be automatically updated to your account. You will also be able to see all of the events you’ve earned points for.

You can also access the app interface via your computer by clicking the button below or by visiting

Access the app interface via your computer

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