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Cockpit Reward Points

Gamecock Athletics would not be the same without our loyal and enthusiastic student fans. As a thank you for your continued support of the Gamecocks, you will receive Cockpit Reward Points for each event you attend. The more events you attend, the more points you get. These points will unlock prizes including Under Armour gear and will help increase your chance of getting football tickets.


How to earn Cockpit Reward Points

There are multiple ways to earn Cockpit Reward Points. Your reward points will reset each year and you do not lose points for attending football games or redeeming prizes during a given year.

  1. Seniority Points – Each year at Carolina, you’ll start off with a set number of points based on your class standing. These points are based on the number of completed credit hours you have at the start of the academic year. These points are not awarded based on the number of years you have been at the University.
    • Freshman: 3 points
    • Sophomore: 4 points
    • Junior/Graduate Students: 6 points
    • Senior: 8 points
  2. Rollover Points – Each year at Carolina, you’ll carry over 10% of your points from the previous year.
  3. Student Gamecock Club points – By joining the Student Gamecock Club, you can earn 3 points for joining as a one-year member or 4 points (each year) for joining as a four-year member.
  4. Attending Athletic Events – For each home athletic event you attend, you’ll earn Cockpit Reward Points
    • Football
      • Non-conference games: 2 points
      • Conference games: 1 point
      • If you stay until AFTER the Alma Mater and exit through the LOWER LEVEL STUDENT GATES, you can receive a voucher to redeem for an additional reward point.
    • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
      • Non-conference games: 2 points
      • Conference games: 1 point
    • All Other Sports
      • 1 point
      • Each sport will also have double point games that will be listed on the app

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I track my points? Toggle content

    You can track your points within the Cockpit Rewards App. On the home page of the app, your total point total will be shown at the top. To view your point activity, click the more button and then click activity.

    Download for iPhone

    Download for Android

    You can also access the app interface via your computer by clicking the button below or by visiting

    Access the app interface via your computer

  • How do I earn points for football, basketball and baseball Toggle content

    You must have a student ticket to earn points for attending football, basketball and baseball. You will receive your points after your student ticket is scanned. Note, it may take up to 24 hours for points to display.

  • How do I earn points for sports except football, basketball and baseball Toggle content

    To earn points for attending events other than football, basketball and baseball, you will NO LONGER use your CarolinaCard to scan into these sports to earn points.

    To earn points at these sports, you MUST use the Cockpit Rewards App. You will use your Cockpit QR Code ID to scan in for points. You can access your Cockpit QR Code by clicking on View ID on the bottom of the screen in the app.

  • When will my points be updated? Toggle content

    Seniority and Rollover points will be updated towards the end of August prior to the start of the first football ticket request process.

    Student Gamecock Club points will be automatically added once you complete the purchase process. If you have purchased a membership in a previous year, those points will be added at the same time Seniority and Rollover points are added.

    Event points should be uploaded within 24 hours of the event.

    To see if you’ve earned points for a specific event, click the more button in the app and then click activity.

  • Will I ever lose points? Toggle content

    The goal of the Cockpit Rewards Program is for students to support their fellow students who are competing to help us create a home advantage. If we feel like students are taking advantage of this program and are leaving events early, we reserve the right to remove points for attending specific events.

    At the conclusion of each athletic year, reward points will be removed from all accounts. However, 10% of your points from that year will carry over into the next year (and will be updated in late August).

  • If I go to a football game or redeem a prize based on my point level, will I lose those points? Toggle content

    No. Points are used to determine who qualifies for a football ticket. You do not have to spend points to attend football events. We utilize a tiered point system for prizes. Once you reach a specific tier, the prize will be unlocked. You will not lose points for redeeming a prize.

  • What are the Cockpit Reward Prizes? Toggle content

    Reward prizes will be updated each year. You can check out the prizes in the Cockpit Rewards App by clicking on prizes at the bottom of the screen.