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February 28, 2002

“The winter workouts have gone well. It was a very impressive winter workout. We’ve been involved as well in community service, including two different projects. We’re doing a third today.”

“The concern I have is the loss in the injuries. There is no way to replace a Sheldon Brown, Andre Goodman, (Antione)Nesmith, Edwards, Kenny Harney, John Stamper, a Phil Petty, Melvin Paige, Brian Scott and a Larrell Johnson.”

“Our talent level is down. When you look at the losses you have and limited numbers, there are just concerns for this year. Then Dennis Quinn and Stroman, Ages, Ron John’s Finn knee hasn’t been able to work. I worry about numbers but I think we have enough talent to really accomplish things and to get things done”

“Our objectives this spring are No. 1 to improve everyone on this football team. We will work with everyone, our ambition is to improve everyone on this. Once we identify athletes, then you start putting a team together and I might come out of spring with a depth chart.”

“We have a lot of concerns, I think number one is quarterback. I think that’s where it all starts. We have a lot of candidates at quarterback and the ones that are not among the very best, have got to be on the field. I’m going to tell you right now, Corey Jenkins and Rodriques Wilson have got to be on the field. They are players you can trust and are good athletes.”

“I also worry about the secondary. When you lose two great corners and a safety, where do you go from there. We have to replace a lot of people at linebacker.”

“I think we have to develop leadership on the football team. You start all over. It’s a brand new year, right from ground one, put the thing together and let the leaders emerge. We do have some good football players coming back and people who have played a lot. When I look at what we lost, you wonder how this will come together.”

“I like the nucleus of the players coming back. I like Ryan Brewer, I like Andrew Pinnock. I like Travelle Wharton, Cedric Williams, Shane Hall. Now the question is does a Na’Shan Goddard, Jonathan Alston, who we are moving to OT , going to come along. What’s going to happen at center? Is Jeff Barnes going to mature? Is CJ Frye going to be the answer?”

“I like the fact that Jermaine Lemon and Jeremiah Garrison are coming back. We probably will move Brownlee to a defensive end and leave George Gause at an outside linebacker.”

“When I look at what we lost, you have great trepidation and you wonder what in the world I’m doing coaching. We have a nucleus but we have a lot of question marks.”

“Our practice will be open to the public and the media the first week. Our scrimmage on March 23 will be open to the public and media as well. What we are trying to do is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We will have our spring game on Saturday, April 13.”

“In addition to that, we are hopeful to have a dinner on Friday night and bring back all former football players who wish to come back. We would like to establish a relationship with the former football players and let them know they are very welcome to be here.”

“The other objective is to build a family with this football team. For the last two years we have been a family and that is certainly one of our goals. I want the players to be out there, have fun, laugh and really become a football team. Don’t worry about own position, but worry about being a team.”

“I think there are some different things to do (at cornerback). Rachiem Monroe has really done a fine job in the offseaon to certainly enhance his position. What he has done academically and being held accountable, he has risen to the front. I think DeAndre Eiland we will look at as well. Rashad Faison we could look at free safety. You hate to move him from Spur because he has done a great job, but we need to look at that. Dunta Robinson we will move to a corner as well. Our corners are up in the air, Robinson and Eiland have corner ability.”