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Team Championships1999     Casa de Campo Collegiate (1st of 13 teams)1997     FAU/Miami Preview Classic (1st of 17 teams)1993     Carolyn Cudone Intercollegiate (1st of 16 teams)1991     Memphis Intercollegiate    (1st of 14 teams)1991     C.C. of Alabama Invitational   (1st of 8 teams)1990     James Madison Invitational (1st of 10 teams)1990     Metro Conference Championship  (1st of 5 teams)1988  Lady Lion Invitational    (1st of 10 teams)1987     Woodbridge Collegiate  (1st of 10 teams)1987  Hudson Industries Invitational    (1st of 14 teams)1985     SC Women's Invitational    (1st of 14 teams)1982     Lady Gamecock Invitational (1st of 12 teams)1981     Lady Gamecock Invitational (1st of 5 teams)1981     Wake Forest Invitational   (1st of 3 teams)1980     Purdue Invitational    (1st of 9 teams)
Individual MedalistsKristy McPherson (2001 Dodge ACC/SEC Shootout)Kristy McPherson (2001 SEC Championships)Lotte Moeller (1999 Casa de Campo Collegiate)Siew Ai Lim (1995 NCAA East Regional)Siew Ai Lim (1994 Carolyn Cudone Invitational)Clarissa Childs (1993 Carolyn Cudone Invitational)Vikki Valentine (1991 C.C. of Alabama Invitational)Debbie Eckroth (1989 Metro Conference Championships)Marianne Morris (1987 Hudson Industries Invitational)Jan Rikard (1982 Lady Gamecock Invitational)Kandi Kessler (1982 Lady Kat Invitational)Lynn Stiffler (1981 Lady Gamecock Invitational)Lynn Stiffler (1981 Wake Forest Invitational)
All-Time Low Individual Rounds67 Kristy McPherson (2001 SEC Championships)68 Siew Ai Lim (1994 Carolyn Cudone Invitational)68 Marianne Morris (1985 Lady Seminole Classic)68 Kristy McPherson (2001 NCAA East Regional)69 Kristy McPherson (2001 Bryan National Collegiate)69 Debbie Eckroth (1989 Memphis Intercollegiate)69 Jan Rikard (1982 Lady Gamecock Invitational)69 Lynn Stiffler (1981 Lady Gamecock Invitational)69 Truie Timmons (1984 Alabama Seascape)69 Kristy McPherson (2001 Dodge ACC/SEC Shootout)70 Kristy McPherson (2001 SEC Championships)70 Kristy McPherson (2001 SEC Championships)70 Kristy McPherson (2001 Lady Paladin Invitational)70 Lotte Moeller (1999 NCAA East Regional)70 Siew Ai Lim (1996 NCAA Championships)70 Clarissa Childs (1996 Lady Gamecock Classic)70 Libby Howard (1996 Lady Gamecock Classic)70 Siew Ai Lim (1995 NCAA East Regional)70 Clarissa Childs (1995 Arizona Invitational)70 Siew Ai Lim (1994 Carolyn Cudone Invitational)70 Aileen Robertson (1990 Lady Tar Heel Invitational)70 Kim Belk (1986 TPC Invitational)70 Marianne Morris (1987 Woodbridge Collegiate)70 Truie Timmons (1986 TPC Invitational)
Top Team Scores (3 Day Tourney)884 Lady Paladin Invitational (2001) Greenville, SC887 SEC Championships (2001) Gainesville, FL890 Woodbridge Collegiate (1987) Kings Mountain, NC897 Lady Gamecock Invite (1982) Columbia, SC904 NCAA East Regional (2001) Chapel Hill, NC904 Lady Gamecock Classic (1996) Columbia, SC904 TPC Invitational (1986) Nashville, TN904 SEC Championships (1994) West Point, MS907 Carolyn Cudone Invite (1994) Myrtle Beach, SC908 NCAA East Regional (1999) Blythewood, SC
Top Individual Tournament Scores207 Kristy McPherson (2001 SEC Championships)210 Siew Ai Lim (1994 Carolyn Cudone Invitational)214 Kristy McPherson (2001 NCAA East Regional)214 Kristy McPherson (2001 Lady Paladin Invitational)214 Siew Ai Lim (1995 NCAA East Regional)217 Kristy McPherson (2001 Dodge ACC/SEC Shootout)218 Siew Ai Lim (1995 Dick McGuire Invitational)218 Lynn Stiffler (1981 Lady Gamecock Invitational)219 Kristy McPherson (2001 Bryan National Collegiate)219 Kristy McPherson (2001 Lady Gator Invitational)219 Jan Rikard (1982 Lady Gamecock Invitational)220 Adrienne Gautreaux (2001 Dodge ACC/SEC Shootout)220 Kristy McPherson (2001 Lady Gator Invitational)220 Marianne Morris (1987 Woodbridge Collegiate)221 Marianne Morris (1985 Lady Seminole Invitational)221 Kerry Zebick (1992 Lady Tar Heel Invitational)222 Kristy McPherson (2001 Lady Gamecock Classic)222 Kacy Thompson (2001 Lady Paladin Invitational)
Career Top 10 Finishes22 Siew Ai Lim20 Debbie Eckroth17 Marianne Morris12 Kristy McPherson11 Clarissa Childs10 Elizabeth Macfie10 Truie Timmons 9 Kim Belk 9 Vikki Valentine 7 Kelly Brannon 7 Aileen Robertson 7 Cathy Rumfelt 5 Rachel Bates 5 Jan Rikard 5 Lynn Stiffler 4 Emma Lofgren 4 Robin Abare
Career Top Five Finishes8 Siew Ai Lim7 Kristy McPherson7 Clarissa Childs7 Debbie Eckroth6 Marianne Morris6 Truie Timmons5 Kim Belk5 Elizabeth Macfie5 Vikki Valentine3 Robin Abare3 Jan Rikard3 Aileen Robertson3 Lynn Stiffler2 Rachel Bates