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March 12, 2003

Dave Odom met with the media on Tuesday prior to leaving for the SEC Tournament in New Orleans. Here are a few of his comments.

“It’s been a topsy-turvy year the very least from our prospective. I’ve had to answer questions leading into every game: Who is starting? Who is injured? In many cases I didn’t have all the answers. There are still some questions out there – Kerbrell Brown’s ankle, Chris Warren’s healthy, Tarence Kinsey. But, beyond that, who is your opponent going to be? It’s been a very different year to say the least.

“We’ve learned a lot this year, grown up a lot. We haven’t played Mississippi since Jan. 8 but they haven’t played us either. Both teams have changed quite a bit. Some of the things we did then, we are not doing now and that surprised me.

“We need to be ready to play one basketball game. That is truly where our season is – we have our backs to the ball. The team is prepared to give their best effort. The events of the past 24 hours (the Georgia announcement) came as no chock to anyone. I am sorry for college basketball and that the SEC has to go through that. With that said, it’s gonna be hard because we haven’t had a day off since Thursday. I’m sure Mississippi took Sunday off. My staff tried to warn me about over practicing. Mental fatigue can be our worst enemy. If you talk about too much, a long year, this year wasn’t longer than any other.

On playing Mississippi and not Alabama: “The only thing I like better is that we have beaten Ole Miss and therefore we believe we can beat Ole Miss. As a coach you understand you don’t hae control over this. In truth, we spent all day Monday as a team and a staff preparing for Alabama and then the announcement after we finished practice. But we were as far behind as Mississippi because they were preparing to play Tennessee.

“We need to concentrate on what’s going on in New Orleans not what with what is going on in Athens. I have a very strong opinion on those developments, but I would rather not voice them. I don’t have all the facts, maybe nobody does. Georgia, the SEC, the NCAA collaborated on this decision and it’s unfair for anybody in a responsible position to come out and critic and try to explain something we don’t fully have the facts for.

Can you win four in a row to win it all? “Yes! I believe in college tournaments and great stories. I couldn’t believe them yesterday (the team). There’s a lot wrong with our team, but I wouldn’t ever say they don’t come to practice every day ready to work. The things that are wrong are correctable. Kentucky is the best team and if we play Kentucky, that puts us right where we want – in the championship game.”