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Dec. 14, 2005

Happy Holidays to all…this is the first of a series of golf tips my staff and team will share with you, to help improve your scores and enjoyment of the great game of golf.

In working with any caliber player on the driving range…the first question I always ask after watching them hit a few shots is “What is your Target”? It is surprising how often players will say they have no target, that they are just working on their swing or more often, their target will be different from their actual body alignment. I am a firm believer that you have no right to judge a shot’s success or critique it, if you have not taken the care to line up correctly. You may hit a great shot now and then, but your consistency will suffer from poor alignment in the long run. A simple rule of thumb for great alignment is to get on the railroad tracks!!! Imagine you have a set of railroad tracks (always parallel to each other). Align your ball and clubface directly to your target on the far track from your body…Align your feet, hips and shoulders slightly left of the target, on the track nearest your body. You can give yourself a visual by laying down a club at your feet as a guide. Next time you go to the range…notice how often you see good players with a directional club laying on the ground…It takes the guess work out of alignment and gives you one less thing to worry about with your game.

Think Birdies and have a blessed holiday season. Coach Kristi Coggins~