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Oct. 12, 2006

Demetress Adams
“We’ll be an experienced team. We’re looking forward to having another good season. Last year we were good, but we’re looking to build on it. The experience will help us, but we’re just looking forward to what we can do this year.”

“I’m looking forward to every game because it’s going to be a challenge. It’s going to measure how far along we’ve come as a team, so I’m looking forward to each game we play.”

Regarding learning from her teammates:
“It’s great. As a freshman coming in and playing in the SEC, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without Lakesha’s support, Iva’s support, or Ilona and Larissa’s support. It’s hard enough out there because they are such good players and push me during practice. Being that I have their support and we’re out there on the same team, that makes a big difference in adjusting. I was fortunate to play with them.”

Lakesha Tolliver
“We always want to improve, so we’re going to try to build on what we already have and what we’ve already established to get better.”

Regarding non-conference schedule:
“We can’t go into any game and say that this is our biggest game. We can’t get caught up on the outcome of any particular game. Sometimes a game that you think might not be a big game ends up being a big, important game for you.”

Regarding her knee/ACL:
“It’s feeling fine now. After eight or nine months of rehab, you might think about it or tweak it every once in a while. Now I don’t think about it at all. It’s like it never happened. It feels brand new.”

Regarding her frontcourt teammates:
“We always have a variety. Iva has her own style for things such as rebounding and the same for everyone else. You have to play each player differently, and that’s difficult for opponents. Everyone doesn’t play like Iva or Ilona. Some post players like to drive, some like to shoot and some like to bank (shots). It’s all a big mix, and having those people surround you is an opportunity to practice against different styles. You have to adjust to each player.”

Regarding preseason training:
“I worked hard over summer. I made my goals and worked hard on accomplishing them. The whole team worked hard over the summer and outcomes are outcomes. When you work hard, whatever you put into it you get out of it.”

Brionna Dickerson
“I am excited about this year. Our team is so close and we work so hard that I think we can have a good year.”

Regarding summer workouts:
“We conditioned and lifted all the time. We have a new strength coach in Pat Moorer, and he gets the best out of us. Even though we have our early morning workouts, we’re willing to work and get better.”

“We were on the brink of doing good things last year, and this year we have things to work on but we’re doing them. Everyone’s trying hard in practice and asking questions. We’re getting there.”