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Nov. 10, 2009

Coach Spurrier
Nathan Pepper
Moe Brown

Steve Spurrier

“We are getting ready to play the Florida Gators. Most of you know it’s a special game with the Wounded Warrior Project being the recipient of the proceeds from this game. I think our uniforms that we will wear will be auctioned off. It’s a wonderful thing that we can do to help the wounded warriors. They really deserve everything that we can do for them because of all they do in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world. We are honored that this game was chosen. Under Armour, our apparel company is to be commended also for sponsoring this game. Hopefully we can raise a lot of money for the wounded warrior project.”

“Other than that, the number one team in the country (Florida) is coming in and they are a very good team. They have won all of their games. They do whatever is necessary to win the game. We certainly hope to get in a close game with them some how. Arkansas was in the game with them and had a chance, Mississippi State was also close for a while there. They are a very good running team. Tim Tebow has broken all of the records for quarterbacks: running, passing, total touchdowns. I think he broke Hershel Walker’s record last game for most touchdowns in SEC history. He’s a force running the ball and he is an excellent passer. It will be a big challenge, but we’re looking forward to seeing what will happen here Saturday afternoon at 3:30. Our guys are looking forward to it, their attitude is good. We had a good attitude going in to the last game at Arkansas; we just didn’t play as well as Arkansas. They played flawless. We had about the same amount of yards as they did, we had the same amount of first downs exactly, but they played a little sharper than we did and that’s how you get beat.”

“We are looking forward to this game and hoping and believing that someday we can really put it all together, and maybe it will happen this Saturday.”

“I think our guys played with a lot of effort last game. We did a lot of things well. We didn’t score touchdowns when we had the chance to. We had some balls bounce off of our guys that usually don’t, had one jump ball that they came down with, but we didn’t. But our guys, they were ready to play last week. I said, `I’m proud of you guys, you played hard.’ Our guys will be ready to play this week. I feel confident that it will happen.”

“Usually to upset a team you really have to maximize your scoring chances. We didn’t do that at Alabama or last week, but if we can do it, you can have a chance against those teams.”

“(Florida is) a good team, we just need to go play the best we can and see what happens. Last year’s game is history. We are a different team and we are a different team. We will go from there.”

Topic: Future as Head Coach
“We have some guys who are going to help us along the way and we have a really good coaching staff here. Again I hope to go three or four more years and see what happens. If we are going 6-6 or 7-5 then someone else should have the opportunity to give it a try. We do have some guys coming that I am really looking forward to coaching. Looking forward to watch Alshon Jeffery, Stephon Gilmore, We really have some good, young guys that have a chance for big careers here. “

Nathan Pepper

Topic: playing the last two games at home
“It’s always a relief to be at home playing in front of our crowd. It’s just tough going out on the road and not having your fan base out there. I’m not saying that’s why we lost, but it’s always better to play at home.”

Topic: confidence level right now
“Our confidence is still high. We aren’t too down on ourselves for not winning these last two games. We feel like we’ve had some good weeks of practice and we’ve gotten some good work done and we can still build off of it.”

Topic: Win against Florida 2005
“That was one of the most important wins I think. That was my freshman year and it was the most exciting thing I had a chance to be a part of coming right out of high school. It was fun for us because it was a win for Coach Spurrier over his old team.”

Moe Brown

Topic: Coach’s outlook on the team
“Now the team is going in the direction he really wanted it to go. The build-up, players, leadership, and the possibility for this team are very great. It’s a credit to his recruiting class. He has been bringing in not only great football players, but also guys with character. He wants his players to perform not only on the field, but also outside the field.”

Topic: Playing Florida
“We all believe that we can win Saturday at 3:30. Florida is a great team. There is no doubt about that. We still have to go and line up the plays. No pressure on us, we are going out there to have fun. They are the team that has an SEC Championship coming up. The pressure is on them, so we can play pressure free and just have fun. They have more riding on this game then we do.”

Topic: Wounded Warrior Project
“It meant a lot hearing (the wounded warriors) speak. You really count your blessings. The things we are doing here are to better them. They are making the ultimate sacrifice by putting their life on the line, day-in and day-out. We have the honor to show our appreciation to them. It’s seems so small, but it means so much to them. It’s an honor for me as well as my teammates. I have a lot of family members in the military. “

“Things happen to them like losing a limb, but they don’t let that defeat them. They keep living life and keep doing things that they do. Seeing that just inspires you and makes you realize what you have is a gift, so you need to use it to the best of your abilities, because you never know when it’s going to be taken away. It was really motivating and touching.”