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Feb. 19, 2011

Complete Results

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By Miquel Jacobs
Media Relations Assistant

Matt Shuler
Jeannelle Scheper

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina track and field athletes set four facility records to pace the team Saturday at the Gamecock Invitational held at the USC Indoor Fieldhouse. The Gamecock women hit four facility marks, and the men’s team hit one as Carolina dominated the distance events and the women’s high jump.

Sophomore Jessica Hartman set a new record in the women’s mile run at 5:28.49 while a pair of freshmen made their marks in the Gamecock record books. Penny Boswell set a new record in the women’s 3,000-meter run at 10:35.91, finishing nearly a minute faster than the next competitor, and Jeannelle Scheper cleared a personal best 5’8 ¾ (1.75m) in the women’s high jump, breaking the 16-year old record by three inches. Scheper jumped from 17th to fourth on the SEC performance list in one day while also cracking the national top 40 in the event. She is now tied for eighth among the nation’s freshmen in the women’s high jump and is second all-time in the Gamecock record books.

On the men’s side, junior Vince DePiano took the honors in the men’s 3,000-meter run at 8:52.30. Senior Matt Shuler won the men’s pole vault and attempted the facility record by putting the bar at 5.50m, but his attempts at the record fell slightly short. Also, Michael Zajac improved his personal best mark in the men’s weight throw to 21.27m (69’9 ½), keeping him in a tie for fifth place in the nation this season.

Senior Shayla Mahan ran the fastest time of the day in the women’s 55-meter dash at 6.83 in the preliminary round. Freshman Vashti Bandy placed third at 7.17. The 55-meter hurdles were led by junior Kierre Beckles with a silver medal finish at 8.08, although her fastest time of the day was 7.88 in the prelims. Ceci Kryst placed fourth at 8.42. In the 400-meter dash, Amber Allen earned the win with Ashley Hunter placing fourth. The Gamecocks also went 2-3-7 in the 800-meter run in the order of Erin Fedewa, Jessica Hartman and Patrice Frierson. Hartman then ran her record-breaking mile run to earn the win, and Fedewa took second in the mile at 5:30.10. Carolina took first and third in the 3,000-meter run as Boswell claimed the win with Laura Beggs taking third.

The Gamecocks won every women’s field event among collegiate competitors. Scheper earned her record breaking high jump to get the victory with Staley Foster (5’5 // 1.65m), Kayla Blake (5’3 // 1.60m) and Kryst (5’1, 1.55m) taking second, fourth and fifth, respectively. Kryst also won the long jump at a season best mark of 18’10 (5.74m). Freshman Angie Rummans won the women’s pole vault at 12’9 ½ (3.90m), a mark that ties teammate Petra Olsen for fifth in the SEC and first among freshmen in the league. Olsen came in second Saturday at 12’1 ½ (3.70m), and teammates Tamra Stanish (10’10) and Tylar Mangan (10’2) took sixth and seventh.

In the women’s throws, Stacee Roberts, Breanna Radford and Katie Vuckovich led Carolina in the shot put and weight throw. Roberts was the collegiate winner in both events at a personal best 50’2 (14.73m) in the shot put as well as a toss of 53’0 (16.15m) in the weight throw. Radford threw a personal best 47’9 (14.55m) in the shot put to finish second among collegiates and Vuckovich followed right behind at 45’10 ¾ (13.99m). Radford took fourth in the weight throw and Vuckovich took sixth at a season best 47’6 ¼ (14.48m).

In the men’s 55-meter dash, Chris Maxwell placed seventh (6.62) and Eyong Oma placed ninth (6.66) to start and end the day, while freshman Chris Royster ran a fast time of 6.55 in the semifinals before being disqualified in the final race. On the hurdles side, Jerry Thompson III took fourth and Kevaughn Griffith took fifth at times of 7.77 and 7.85, respectively.

Nejmi Burnside won the men’s 400-meter dash and was followed by Alex Loose in fourth and Steve Hunsaker in sixth. The Gamecocks also earned a win in the 800-meter run courtesy of Alex Bermudez as he and Drew Ricci claimed first and third overall. In the final distance event, DePiano earned his facility record in the 3,000-meter run at 8:52.30.

Much like on the women’s side, Carolina’s men dominated in the field events with wins in every event they competed in except for one. Zajac hit a new personal best in the weight throw to lead a contingent that finished 1-3-4-8. Louis Day had a PR of 53’10 ¼ (16.41m) and Chris Campbell had a PR of 50’3 ¼ (15.32m) to take third and fourth, and Trey Suhrstedt tossed a season best 42’8 ¾ (13.02m) to take eighth. In the shot put, Day hit another personal best at 53’11 (16.43m) to earn the win and move into the SEC top 10. Andrew Finley also had a career day to take second at 51’2 ¼ (15.60m).

The trio of Lincoln Carr, Joshua Jones and Jarett Gerald finished 2-3-4 in the men’s long jump to round out the competition. Carr jumped 22’11 ¾ (7.00m), Jones jumped 22’9 (6.93m) and Gerald jumped 22’6 ¼ (6.86m).

South Carolina travels to Fayetteville, Ark., next week to participate in the SEC Indoor Championships. The meet will be held Friday through Sunday at the Randall Tyson Track.

W-55m Prelim
1. Shayla Mahan 6.83q
3. Vashti Bandy 7.13q
11. Asia Delaney 7.34q
W-55m Semifinal
1. Shayla Mahan 6.85q
3. Vashti Bandy 7.11q
13. Asia Delaney 7.41
W-55m Final
Shayla Mahan DNS
3. Vashti Bandy 7.17
W-400m (Auto: 52.60)
1. Amber Allen 1:01.21
4. Ashley Hunter 1:04.06
W-800m (Auto: 2:05.00)
2. Erin Fedewa 2:26.34
3. Jessica Hartman 2:29.61
7. Patrice Frierson 2:40.79
1. Megan Rother (UN) 2:25.99
5. Amina Smith (UN) 2:34.73
W-Mile Run (Auto: 4:37.00)
1. Jessica Hartman 5:28.49
2. Erin Fedewa 5:30.10
W-3000m Run (Auto: 9:13.00)
1. Penny Boswell 10:35.91
3. Laura Beggs 12:06.58
2. Rachel Grochowski (UN) 11:29.52
W-55m Hurdles Prelim
2. Kierre Beckles 7.88q
4. Ceci Kryst 8.76q
Janica Austin DNF
W-55m Hurdles Semifinal
2. Kierre Beckles 7.95q
4. Ceci Kryst 8.42q
W-55m Hurdles Final
2. Kierre Beckles 8.08
3. Ceci Kryst 8.80
W-High Jump (Auto: 1.85m)
1. Jeannelle Scheper 1.75m // 5-08.75 PR
2. Staley Foster 1.65m // 5-05.00
4. Kayla Blake 1.60m // 5-03.00
5. Ceci Kryst 1.55m // 5-01.00 SB
W-Pole Vault (Auto: 4.30m)
1. Angie Rummans 3.90m // 12-09.50 PR
2. Petra Olsen 3.70m // 12-01.50
6. Tamra Stanish 3.30m // 10-10.00 SB
7. Tylar Mangan 3.10m // 10-02.00 SB
9. Kelly Fischer (UN) 2.90m // 9-06.25
W-Long Jump (Auto: 6.38m)
1. Ceci Kryst 5.74m // 18-10.00 SB
W-Shot Put (Auto: 16.90m)
2. Stacee Roberts 14.73m // 50-02.00 PR
3. Breanna Radford 14.55m // 47-09.00 PR
4. Katie Vuckovich 13.99m // 45-10.75
9. Aimee Kodat 10.88m // 35-08.50 SB
15. Ceci Kryst 9.35m // 30-08.25 SB
5. Ashley Wright (UN) 12.58m // 41-03.25
16. Kaysee Sullivan (UN) 8.07m // 26-05.75
W-Weight Throw (Auto: 21.00m)
2. Stacee Roberts 16.15m // 53-00.00
4. Breanna Radford 15.57m // 51-01.00
6. Katie Vuckovich 14.48m // 47-06.25 SB
5. Ashley Wright (UN) 14.82m // 48-07.50
7. Kaysee Sullivan (UN) 13.35m // 43-09.75
M-55m Prelim
T5. Chris Maxwell 6.59q
T5. Chris Royster 6.59q
12. Eyong Oma 6.66q
M-55m Semifinal
6. Chris Royster 6.55q
8. Chris Maxwell 6.58q
13. Eyong Oma 6.66q
M-55m Final
7. Chris Maxwell 6.62
9. Eyong Oma 6.66
Chris Royster DQ
M-400m (Auto: 46.15)
1. Nejmi Burnside 52.50
4. Alex Loose 54.12
6. Steve Hunsaker 55.18
18. Patrick Price 59.20
M-800m (Auto: 1:48.00)
1. Alex Bermudez 2:03.93
3. Drew Ricci 2:08.61
M-3000m Run (Auto: 7:54.50)
1. Vince DePiano 8:52.30
M-55m Hurdles Prelim
4. Jerry Thompson III 7.94q
5. Kevaughn Griffith 8.05q
10. Chris Sharp 8.48q
M-55m Hurdles Semifinal
3. Jerry Thompson III 7.81q
5. Kevaughn Griffith 7.98q
8. Chris Sharp 8.24
M-55m Hurdles Final
4. Jerry Thompson III 7.77
5. Kevaughn Griffith 7.85
M-4×400 Yard (Auto: 3:06.50)
2. South Carolina A 3:41.85
M-Long Jump (Auto: 7.90m)
2. Lincoln Carr 7.00m // 22-11.75
3. Joshua Jones 6.93m // 22-09.00
4. Jarett Gerald 6.86m // 22-06.25 PR
M-Pole Vault (Auto: 5.50m)
1. Matt Shuler 5.00m // 16-04.75
2. Jerry Thompson III 4.50m // 14-09.00 SB
12. Chris Sharp 3.35m // 10-11.75 SB
M-Shot Put (Auto: 19.30m)
1. Louis Day 16.43m // 53-11.00 PR>
2. Andrew Finley 15.60m // 51-02.25 PR
8. Jerry Thompson III 12.44m // 40-09.75 SB
10. Chris Sharp 11.68m // 38-04.00 SB
7. Spencer Latham (UN) 12.77m // 41-10.75
M-Weight Throw (Auto: 21.50m)
1. Michael Zajac 21.27m // 69-09.50 PR
3. Louis Day 16.41m // 53-10.25 PR
4. Chris Campbell 15.32m // 50-03.25 PR
8. Trey Suhrstedt 13.02m // 42-08.75 SB
6. Spencer Latham (UN) 13.92m // 45-08.00
7. Andrew Seay (UN) 13.39m // 43-11.25