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THE NEXT RIDE: Sarah Isgett
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THE NEXT RIDE: Sarah Isgett

With the 2018-19 season officially complete, it is time for Carolina to bid farewell to eight seniors, all of whom impacted the Gamecocks’ program in their own way. The end of their collegiate careers marks the beginning of a new journey, filled with countless opportunities. The Next Ride features will spotlight the seniors and their time at South Carolina. Forever to Thee.
Next up: Sarah Isgett. Isgett stayed in her home state of South Carolina, joining the Gamecocks from Darlington, S.C. She was a four-year member of the Carolina equestrian team and played a large role as a leader on the team.
Graduation Date, Degree, Major(s):
May 11, 2019, B.A. Public Health, Business minor           
What was your hardest class at Carolina?
Accounting. Those kinds of numbers are not my thing!
How did you pick your major?
I came into college as a biology major thinking I wanted to be pre-med, but after talking with one of my tutors about my career goals he recommended public health. Turned out to be the best decision!
How did the Carolina Equestrian family help you during your academic career?
BT, our advisor, is incredible! She was always there for me whenever I would start freaking out about my classes or just needed life advice. If I ever was struggling in a class or needed any extra help, she was very quick to get me a tutor and help in any way. I never felt like academics were a problem due to the resources they provide you as they always provided anything we needed and more.
How did the Carolina Equestrian family help with your post-college career?
At first I found the schedule of having to fit workouts, practices, meetings, classes, tutors and any extracurriculars all in overwhelming, but looking back it has really made me able to juggle a lot of things at once, which I think will be very helpful moving forward, especially in grad school. The networking seminars that athletics held for us also introduced me to professors at the school I ultimately decided to attend for graduate school, as well as people in the field I’m interested in, so it was neat to be able to open up those doors before I even applied.
What competition will you remember most from your time as a Carolina Equestrian student-athlete?
Probably hosting SECs my junior year. It was a lot of work, but so much fun to be able to host such a big event at our own facility. I was also on jump crew, so we had a good time getting to set up all kinds of new stuff in the ring and really trying to make everything look nice.
What’s the one phrase you’ll remember most from Coach Major/Terebesi/Sorrel?
Coach Ruth always saying, “Proud of you, bud,” anytime we told her anything. We could’ve fallen off or had the best practice of our lives, it didn’t matter what it was!
What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I will be starting my master’s in Health Administration at the Medical University of South Carolina this fall.
What’s your advice for young riders interested in joining the Carolina Equestrian program?
Absolutely, no questions asked, do it! It can seem like a lot of work at times, but it will be the most rewarding and fun experience of a lifetime. USC’s Athletics Department really goes above and beyond in trying to make you as well rounded of a student as possible and encourages everyone to try to pursue your own identity outside of just being an athlete, which is something not all schools can provide.