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May 21, 2002

As the Gamecock Track and Field Team prepares to compete at the NCAA Championships, sat down with Tiffany Ross of the South Carolina Women’s Track and Field Team in a quick Question and Answer Session. Was your freshman year what you expected? Was it better than you expected? What happened that you weren’t expecting?

TR: I was expecting to do well, but I wasn’t expecting to break the SEC record. That was a really good accomplishment that I wasn’t expecting to do. What is the best part about the University of South Carolina?

TR: Being around great athletes. You’re not the only person on the team and there are plenty of other good athletes there to push you to do better. What is you most memorable track and field moment?

TR: My most memorable track and field moment was winning the state title in 1999 for my high school. That is something that really sticks out in my mind. What is your favorite sport other than track and field?

TR: Football, to watch. There isn’t really another sport I like to play or compete in other than track and field. What do you like best about the coaches here at USC?

TR: They’re great technical coaches and you can also talk to them about anything. I like being around them, they’re great people. What do you like to do around Columbia if you have an afternoon off?

TR: I like to go to the movies when I have an afternoon off. What do you to do prepare for each track meet?

TR: I just think about each race, what I have to do, what goals I have and what I can do to accomplish them. I also try to think about how I want to come out. What was your favorite vacation spot as a kid?

TR: My favorite vacation was going to the Bahamas. I loved going to the Bahamas. What was it like winning the SEC Championships?

TR: That was one of the greatest feelings that I’ve had. I like winning and not just individually, but as a team. Everyone was happy. What do you think the team has to do to win the NCAA Championships?

TR: Basically we just need to do what we did at SECs and we will be ok. We need to come in strong in the hurdles and in the 200-meter and 400-meter races and all of our strong events. If we can do that, we should bring home a national championship.