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Nov. 1, 2005

Entering his junior year, South Carolina point guard Tre’ Kelley will take a more active leadership role this season – a role he’s excited about. With the season a little more than a week away, Tre’ sat down and talked about this season.

How has practice been going?
TK: So far it’s been going pretty good. We had a few days where guys weren’t working as hard as they should have, but I think we have gotten past that. I think maybe they were tired. We had a number of practices and just one day off a week. We had some long practices where all we did was work on defense. I think we have bounced back well though.

What have you been working on in practice this week?
TK: We have been working on defense a lot this week. We have been working mainly on defense since we went to practicing once a day.

Who has impressed you so far this year?
TK: I would say a couple of newcomers. Keving (Palacios) and Bryce (Sheldon).

What about the returnees – who has been playing well?
TK: Definitely Tarence (Kinsey).

Has anyone done anything at practice that surprised you?
TK: I threw a couple of no look passes to my teammates and they didn’t know what was going on (laughing). Practices have been very competitive. We have been competing together, but also competing against each other. A lot of competition every day.

What is the best part of this team?
TK: We get along so well on and off the court. We have such good chemistry.

What’s one question that you know you will hear a lot this year?
TK: I guess people will ask if we will do better than winning the NIT.

Have you seen the team building off that NIT title?
TK: I think so. Actually playing in the NIT helped us build on the experience we already had. Playing in the NIT and the different types of teams we played, it helps a lot. I think we will be able to lead the newcomers better because of some of those experiences.

In a few weeks you will go to the Great Alaska Shootout. You grew up in DC and have seen a lot of snow up there. What can you tell Renaldo, Tarence and Dominique about snow?
TK: I don’t know, but growing up in DC it’s more fun. When it snowed a lot we didn’t have any school and would go out and play football. It’s different. I am looking forward to going to Alaska. It’s going to be real cold, but it’s a new environment. I look forward to playing up there.

What game are you looking most forward to this year?
TK: I would say Florida.

What game do you wish you could replay from last year? What game do you wish you had back?
TK: Clemson. Definitely Clemson.