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Feb. 13, 2006

Columbia, S.C. – Most golfers have either a naturally occurring draw or fade to their ball flight. If you hit the ball in a consistent pattern even if it is not a straight ball, you can control your shots more easily. Try to resist forcing the ball to go perfectly straight. Instead, allow the draw or fade to happen and compensate with alignment and target.

For example, if you naturally hit a draw on a consistent basis, choose a bunker or a light post or any other noticeable item in the distance you can aim at that is on the right side of the fairway so that with your draw the ball will land in the center of the fairway. Also, in this case if you do not draw it for some reason, your ball will still be in the fairway on the right side and in no trouble. This will prevent you from fighting with your swing while you are playing, which can lead to errant shots.

Another thing to keep in mind while playing is that too many swing thoughts can lead to frustration and high scores. The one thing that is important to keep in mind while playing is to keep your tempo steady. It can be very easy when the pressure is on or when you want to hit it farther to start swinging faster and faster. It is important that you swing at the same pace on the practice tee as you do on the first tee.

Jenna Pearson