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Dec. 18, 2006

Eating Utensil Ball Position Game

Want to be a hit at the family gathering this Holiday Season?

My great friend and mentor George Kelnhofer showed me this trick years ago. It is a great way to illustrate how the lead arm and shoulder in the golf swing dictates the proper ball position. The purpose of this game is to show how correct ball position and alignment are more a function of the relationship to the upper body as opposed to the feet.

Tools needed: A butter knife, a nickel, salt and pepper shakers, and a flat surface table.

Place the salt and pepper shakers side by side a few inches apart in a goal post fashion a foot or so from the nickel. Then take the nickel and knife and try to shoot the nickel through the shakers to score a “goal”. You will notice that the nickel has to be in a straight line alignment with the knife for the coin to be shot straight through the goal. If the coin is behind the knife it will veer off to the right, and if it is too far in front of the knife it will go left.

This is a great way to understand how the ball should be positioned off of the tip of the left shoulder (right handed golfers) for the driver. As clubs increase in loft they are aiming more to the left, so you would gradually move the ball behind the left shoulder as the club increases in loft.

Please remember; the two things in golf that you can always control are alignment and attitude. If a player truly wants to achieve their goals these areas must be addressed. As you think about New Year’s resolutions, keep these two items at the top of your list. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you do get discouraged, then you need more work on your attitude. Ha ha ha.

Happy Holidays from the Gamecock Golf Staff!

Bill McDonald