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Aug. 9, 2010

2792685.jpeg caught up with junior guard Courtney Newton for a quick Q&A. Here are some things you might not know about the Gamecocks’ all-purpose, blue collar player. Keep checking back with periodically for an inside look at other players on South Carolina’s 2010-11 women’s basketball team.

What’s the best part of a cake – cake, frosting or filling?
The frosting for sure – the corner piece!

Which bowl is best to lick – chocolate brownie batter or raw cookie dough?
Raw cookie dough

What’s your favorite flavor M&M – plain, peanut, almond, dark, peanut butter, pretzel?

How do you eat Oreos – lick center first, dunk in milk, no special way?
Dunk in milk

Do you drink the milk left over from a bowl of cereal?

What sweet food could you never ever give up?
Ice cream! (Mint Oreo Blizzards from DQ!)

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Starbucks coffee … I’m addicted.

Who is the singer whose songs you own the most of?
Coffey Anderson

Where is the hottest place you’ve ever been?
Columbia, SC!!!

Where is the farthest place you’ve ever traveled?
US Virgin Islands … or Mexico?

What’s something you’d love to wear but don’t have the nerve?
Hmmm, I don’t know. This happens to my daily… half the stuff I own I have never worn 🙁

What is your absolute favorite article of clothing?
Any hoddie, but my favorite one is my Red Falcons Baseball one from high school

What’s something you own that would surprise your friends?
A fake fish – I have killed too many real ones!

Who is the most stylish person you know?
Jewel May

Who is the funniest person you know?
Too many to name

Who do you usually see movies with?
My teamies

Who do you call when you’re upset?
The person who is number one on my speed dial

What magical power you wish you had?
To be a fly on the wall

Name something make-believe you wish was real.
Time traveling!!! I would love to do this!

Have you ever taken the blame for something someone else did?

Where do you do most of your heavy thinking?
In my car!

rain1.jpg Name something you love the sound of.
The rain

Do you take the road less travelled or the one everyone else follows?
Road less travelled

What’s the worst pain you ever felt?

How long do you stay mad when you are wronged – min, hrs, days, forever?
Minutes … I think

What two things you want very badly at the moment?
To be able to play basketball and a Starbucks coffee

What do you do when you’re mad?
Vent to someone

Do you untie your sneakers before you take them off?
No way!

Are you scared to travel over tall bridges?
No, but my dad is.

Are you afraid of public speaking?
I was but not anymore. I do it a lot now.

Do you talk during movies – never, sometimes a little, always?
Always yet I don’t like when other people talk. I just get confused sometimes.

Do you sing in the shower? If so, how do you sound?
Amazing! Until someone screams at me to shut up

Do you make plans and stick to them or wing it?
Somewhere in the middle

Do you have awful, OK or great handwriting?
AWFUL!!! The world’s worst

Do you have any nervous habits?
Bite my lip

When are you at your best – morning, afternoon or late night?

What game are you good at?
Rummykube… I will take on anyone!

What movie you can watch over and over?
“Remember the Titans” and “Love and Basketball”

Which best describes you – emotional, logical or 50/50?

Are you extroverted, introverted or somewhere in the middle?
Somewhere right in the middle, until you get to know me then I’m extroverted

Are you fearful or fearless?
What would courage be if we don’t have a little fear? You have to be both.