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Nov. 17, 2014

EMERSON, Ga. — The South Carolina sand volleyball team closed out the fall on Saturday at the Collegiate Sand Clash hosted by Rally Volleyball at the LakePoint Sports Complex.

The Gamecocks took nine pairs to the event and played in 36 two-set matches against pairs from Florida State, Georgia State, LSU and UAB during the all-day event. Carolina won 20 sets on the afternoon, and head coach Moritz Moritz hopes his squad will take what it learned on Saturday and carry it over to the program’s second season, which will get underway in March.

“We are very humbled every time we get to compete and to have opportunities to learn, adapt and grow as teammates and competitors,” Moritz said. “The Collegiate Sand Clash at LakePoint was a first-class event, and we’re excited to take what we have learned into next season.”

South Carolina Results – Collegiate Sand Clash hosted by Rally Volleyball
Julia Mannisto/Paige Wheeler
Julia Mannisto/Paige Wheeler (SC) vs. Stephanie Pellitteri/Taylor Nyquist (FSU) 17-21, 10-21
Jace Pardon/Nina Pellitteri (FSU) vs. Julia Mannisto/Paige Wheeler (SC) 21-10, 21-11
Maggie Dostalova/Jansen Button (GSU) vs. Julia Mannisto/Paige Wheeler (SC) 21-11, 21-15
Julia Mannisto/Paige Wheeler (SC) vs. Katelyn Rawls/Sarah Agnew (GSU) 16-21, 21-18

Megan Kent/Macie Tendrich
Jace Pardon/Nina Pellitteri (FSU) vs. Megan Kent/Macie Tendrich (SC) 21-11, 21-15
Maggie Dostalova/Jansen Button (GSU) vs. Megan Kent/Macie Tendrich (SC) 21-14, 19-21
Stephanie Pellitteri/Taylor Nyquist (FSU) vs. Megan Kent/Macie Tendrich (SC) 21-17, 21-13
Sara Olivova/Natalie Wilson (GSU) vs. Megan Kent/Macie Tendrich (SC) 21-19, 21-13

Chynna Ratner/Maddie Frome
Chynna Ratner/Maddie Frome (USC) vs. Nina Interwies/Milani Pickering (GSU) 21-19, 18-21
Victoria Boraski/Carly Morris (LSU) vs. Chynna Ratner/Maddie Frome (SC) 17-21, 21-19
Julie Brown/Tory Paranagua (FSU) vs. Chynna Ratner/Maddie Frome (SC) 21-12, 21-13
Mandi Orellana/Lilly Kessler (LSU) vs. Chynna Ratner/Maddie Frome (SC) 21-8, 21-14

Erin Neuenfeldt/Jade Vitt
Annie Montgomery/Melanie Pavels (FSU) vs. Erin Neuenfeldt/Jade Vitt (SC) 21-16, 21-13
Erin Neuenfeldt/Jade Vitt (SC) vs. Rachel Fairbanks/Ally Slaughter (UAB) 16-21, 15-21
Erin Neuenfeldt/Jade Vitt (SC) vs. Victoria Boraski/Carly Morris (LSU) 21-17, 21-14
Erin Neuenfeldt/Jade Vitt (SC) vs. Delaney Rohan/Alexis Townsend (GSU) 21-17, 21-10

Chloe Cook/Litsa Darby
Chloe Cook/Litsa Darby (SC) vs. Katherine Plessy/Meghan Conway (FSU) 21-17, 9-21
Vanessa Freire/Sierra Sanchez (FSU) vs. Chloe Cook/Litsa Darby (SC) 21-11, 21-13
Callan Molle/Riley Young (LSU) vs. Chloe Cook/Litsa Darby (SC) 21-10, 12-21
Chloe Cook/Litsa Darby (SC) vs. Alexis Elmurr/Jessica Fourspring (GSU) 19-21, 21-16

Caroline Goerke/Haley Guyton
Allie Elson/Molly Smestad (GSU) vs. Caroline Goerke/Haley Guyton (SC) 21-17, 21-13
Julia Thompson/Blyss Harkness (FSU) vs. Caroline Goerke/Haley Guyton (SC) 21-11, 21-16
Katherine Plessy/Meghan Conway (FSU) vs. Caroline Goerke/Haley Guyton (SC) 21-6, 21-17
Caroline Goerke/Haley Guyton (SC) vs. Emma Hiller/Taylor Wilson (LSU) 21-18, 21-15

Morgan LaVigne/Shiloh Burgreen
Morgan LaVigne/Shiloh Burgreen (SC) vs. Emma Hiller/Taylor Wilson (LSU) 21-16, 21-17
Morgan LaVigne/Shiloh Burgreen (SC) vs. Karlee Kavanaugh/Jessie Swaney (GSU) 18-21, 21-19
Morgan LaVigne/Shiloh Burgreen (SC) vs. Becca Howard/Anna Mesico (UAB) 21-19, 21-18
Allie Elson/Molly Smestad (GSU) vs. Morgan LaVigne/Shiloh Burgreen (SC) 21-18, 21-9

Helen Récaborde/Katie McCormick
Allie Elson/Molly Smestad (GSU) vs. Helen Récaborde/Katie McCormick (SC) 21-10, 21-9
Becca Howard/Anna Mesico (UAB) vs. Helen Récaborde/Katie McCormick (SC) 21-17, 24-22
Karlee Kavanaugh/Jessie Swaney (GSU) vs. Helen Récaborde/Katie McCormick (SC) 18-21, 21-19
Karlee Kavanaugh/Jessie Swaney (GSU) vs. Helen Récaborde/Katie McCormick (SC) 21-17, 21-18

Colleen Nosovitch/Zuzanna Reszka
Becca Howard/Anna Mesico (UAB) vs. Colleen Nosovitch/Zuzanna Reszka (SC) 21-12, 21-1
Emma Hiller/Taylor Wilson (LSU) vs. Colleen Nosovitch/Zuzanna Reszka (SC) 21-11, 21-9
Karlee Kavanaugh/Jessie Swaney (GSU) vs. Colleen Nosovitch/Zuzanna Reszka (SC) 18-21, 21-10
Becca Howard/Anna Mesico (UAB) vs. Colleen Nosovitch/Zuzanna Reszka (SC) 21-17, 21-12