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Mission Statement
University of South Carolina Athletics Department

Aug. 5, 2002

The University of South Carolina’s Department of Athletics is operated in harmony with the University’s stated purposes and goals. The Department is committed to the intellectual, cultural, physical and social development of the student-athletes in excelling in their chosen athletics areas. The Department encourages attitudes of self-discipline, group loyalty, good sportsmanship, and personal integrity; an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance; and a feeling of pride in accomplishment. It is the Department’s belief that these qualities lead to accomplishment in academics and athletics and to the attainment of skills necessary for continued learning throughout life.

Based on the above philosophy, the University of South Carolina’s Department of Athletics operates under the following mandates:

* To recruit students of moral character, superior athletic ability and intellectual competency to succeed academically.
* To produce athletic teams which are positive representatives of the University, and strive for Southeastern Conference and NCAA Championships.

In order to accomplish these mandates, the Department of Athletics is committed to the following objectives:

1. To recruit student athletes who posses the ability to achieve success.
2. To support the educational opportunities offered student athletes with the ultimate objective of graduating every student athlete.
3. To assume an active role in enabling student athletes to meet the simultaneous demands of both academic life and athletic competition.
4. To maintain a high quality staff who support and uphold the University and Department’s philosophy.
5. To maintain a coaching staff which represents the best in athletic instruction and possesses the ability to motivate and inspire student athletes in their charge.
6. To encourage and provide continuing educational opportunities for the coaching and administrative staff.
7. To establish and enforce standards of conduct for all student athletes and staff which create a positive image for the Department, University and State.
8. To compete on a national level in all sports within the guidelines established by governing bodies.
9. To offer extensive opportunities for participation in varsity intercollegiate athletics for both women and men.
10. To produce the revenue necessary to support its operations, staff and facilities.
11. To adhere to the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations set forth by the University, National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference.
12. To develop an appreciation for diversity and provide opportunity for minority representation and advancement.