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University of South Carolina Athletics Credential Policies

All individuals issued credentials for University of South Carolina Athletic events are required to abide by these policies. These policies apply to all credentials and passes issued by University of South Carolina Athletics.

1.    Credentials must be scanned and/or checked to ensure validity upon entering the stadium.

2.    Credentials are not transferable; they are for the credential holder only.

3.    Credentials must always be worn in a conspicuous and visible place.

4.    If your credential has escort privileges, you can escort a maximum of four people into areas that you have access to, excluding the field or playing surface. Everyone on the field or playing surface must have individual proper access. Guests may not be escorted onto the field or playing surface.

5.    Guests must be accompanied at all times by an approved credential holder.

6.    Misuse of credentials or failure to abide by the policies could result in revocation of your credentials.

Field/Sideline Specific Policies

All individuals given credentialed access to the field and sidelines are required to always abide by these policies. This applies to pregame access, full game access, and any other in-game temporary access for on-field recognition or working purposes.

1.    Only individuals with the proper field access levels will be allowed on the field. Escorting anyone onto the field is prohibited.

2.    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

3.    Food and drink are prohibited.

4.    The use of vulgar/abusive language towards staff, players and officials is prohibited.

5.    Pregame field passes are only valid 90 minutes prior to kickoff until kickoff.

6.    Postgame field access begins once the clock hits 0:00 at the end of the 4th quarter OR at the conclusion of the final overtime period, not before.

7.    Proper decorum is expected when on the field. Proper decorum includes staying out of areas you should not be in, refraining from excessive cheering, refraining from vulgar and/or abusive language and adhering to the above policies.

Department of Athletics Credential Use Conditions

This credential is issued for the sole purpose of providing facility access to an authorized individual associated with this event. Users are subject, but not limited to the policies outlined above. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the bearer to immediate dismissal from the venue and prosecution for criminal trespass. Any secondary use of any picture, audio description, video or drawing of the event taken or made by the accredited organization or individual to whom this credential has been issued is expressly prohibited without prior specific written approval of the University of South Carolina Athletics Department. Terms and conditions governing the use of this credential are posted on the website of the SEC ( and are incorporated herein by reference. By using this credential, user agrees to be bound by such terms and conditions.