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Jan 24, 2002

What is the best part of the University of South Carolina?

The track team and their level of coaches and the business school. It has been great here.

When did you first start competing in Track and Field?

I first competed in 7th grade, in junior high. I’ve been competing since then and love it.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I want to stick with track as long as I am able to, as long as I am competitive. Hopefully, I will be able to compete in some international meets and, God-willing, go to the Olympics some day. I’d like to get a job somewhere in the field of finance after that.

What is your favorite sport other than track and field?

My favorite sport to play is definitely beach volleyball. My favorite sport to watch has got to be football. College football, not the pros. I love watching college football.

What is the biggest difference between South Carolina and your home state Texas?

There are so many differences. I’m from Houston which is a pretty big city and has a much higher pace than here. Columbia is fairly laid back. It’s been a good change and I’ve enjoyed seeing a different part of the nation.

What is your most memorable Track and Field moment?

Winning SECs last year and my teammate Jared finishing second. Us going 1-2, that had to be the most memorable moment so far.

What one thing would you like to accomplish this year?

To become an All-American and finish in the top 8 in the nation.

What do you like best about the coaches at USC?

They really want to coach you. There are some places where the coaches just recruit you and hope you maintain your level. At South Carolina, the coaches really work on developing you as an athelete and help you improve from you high school level. I think they have done a great job with me in doing that.

What do you like to do around Columbia if you have an afternoon off?

Play golf. I love to go play golf and that is usually how I spend my free afternoons. I like to play twice a week if I have the time.

You recently broke a school record [in pole vault] at the Virginia Tech Invitational. What was that like? What was going through your mind before and afterwards?

Before and during, I was competing with a guy from Tennessee and I wasn’t really thinking about the height. I was just thinking that whatever he jumps, that is what I am going to have to jump. I think the competition just drove me to jump that well. Afterwards I was really excited. It felt great. It broke a record and more importantly, it is going to get me a ticket to the NCAAs, which, like I said before, is what I wanted to do this season.