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For more information or to receive an application form please contact the Gamecock Tennis Office at (803) 777-7857 or (803) 782-8042. The Tennis Office is also available by e-mail at:

Boys and Girls Ages 7-17
2 Sessions, All Day/Overnight: June 4-8, June 11-15
1 Session, Weekend Day Camp: June 9-10
*You must be at least 8 years old to stay overnight

Black Magic Camp Advanced and Tournament Players
Garnet Camp Beginner and Intermediate Players

Our Camp Philosophy
We intend to provide a first-class tennis camp that is also affordable. We are determined to offer an instructional tennis camp that provides you with top-notch tennis coaches and professionals from across the country. You will also receive an itemized, detailed report on your tennis game that is developed after you and the instructor have closely reviewed your videotape. We hope to see you this summer.

Camp Tournaments
In our evaluations we have found that the campers have requested more tournament type play. Therefore during the day we will provide a certain amount of tournament play in every day’s curriculum. We will have instructors evaluate their play and offer suggestions for strategy and tactics. We feel this feature will add more excitement, fun and instruction.

Overnight/Day Options
The overnight option will include three meals daily and a room in University housing. The all day option includes lunch, dinner and a two-hour evening session. The overnight session is $505.00 and the day camp is $355.00 (8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.)

The all day camp is very comprehensive allowing campers to participate in the evening tournaments. We also provide lunch and dinner for all day campers.

Each participant will receive an attractive, framable certificate for attending the camp and an evaluation form that is based primarily on their videotape. We also have numerous awards and tournament prizes and, of course, a free camp T-shirt.

Special Activities
After the evening session is over we will have specials each night. Tuesday is movie night, Wednesday is pizza night, and Thursday is bingo night. We also have “sun breaks” during the day where we give free popsicles and soft drinks to cool down the campers.

Our staff considers supervision of junior students a 24-hour a-day responsibility, and one we take very seriously. Our one-to-four ratio of instructor to students facilitates close supervision. Participants will be accompanied be members of our staff for all tennis and non-tennis activities. Parents may be assured that their children are in responsible hands. In accordance with NCAA regulations, high school seniors can attend the Gamecock summer tennis camps.

Junior Camp Format

Day and Overnight

We will run our Garnet Camp for junior players who range from beginner to advanced intermediate. Our Black Magic Camp will be for advanced and tournament players (most high school players will fit into this category). The two camps will run simultaneously but at different sites with different curriculums. Either the men’s or women’s varsity team complex will host the advanced camp for both boys and girls that will have a practice structure closer to what the varsity teams have at the University of South Carolina. Instead of spending a lot of time reviewing basics, we plan to get right into advanced drills and strategies and constant use of the video equipment. We feel this approach will develop the campers who are ready for this curriculum in a way that will go past the normal routines of a general summer tennis camp.

Our Garnet Camp will operate at the other varsity tennis complex and will closely resemble our past camp format. Most of these campers need to develop the basics and work on stroke production technique. However, they will be involved in tournament play every day. You may sign up for either camp but we reserve the right to place you in the camp which better suits your needs.

Individual instruction is provided on a one-to-four teacher-student ratio. We also provide one-to-one training daily in our individual fundamentals sessions. We will process applications on a first come, first serve basis. Campers will receive the following:

— stroke production and technique — drill situations to improve singles and doubles — physical training in on-court footwork, running and agility drills — match competition — videotaping, review, an analytical, take-home improvement form — films and discussions over strategy and technique — lecture on planning for college teams

Daily Schedule
Breakfast — 1 hour Morning — 2 1/2 hours (drills, videotaping, match play) 1/2 hour (physical conditioning) Lunch — 1 hour Afternoon — 1 hour (supervised open play or swimming) — 2 hours (tape review, drills, match play) Dinner — 1 hour Evening — 2 hours (singles, doubles and mixed doubles tournaments, films)

Camp Directors

Arlo Elkins — Has been the head women’s tennis coach at the University of South Carolina for 24 seasons. Coach Elkins has played tournament tennis in over 50 countries, and in 1973-74 held a world ranking. Elkins has also been ranked No. 1 in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in South Carolina. Coach Elkins has coached many nationally ranked juniors and is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association. His Gamecock women’s tennis team has reached the NCAA Tournament 12 consecutive years. Elkins was recently named USPTA Southern Coach of the Year and 1994 Southern ITA Coach of the Year. In 1995, Elkins became the first USC coach to be named SEC Coach of the Year and was inducted into the SCTA Hall of Fame in 2003.

The Gamecock Tennis Camp has brought together what we feel are the finest camp instructors anywhere. Along with players from the USC men’s and women’s varsity teams, we also have nationally known teaching pros from across the country.

Gamecock Tennis Camp features the finest facilities for our campers:

Carolina’s Swimming Pool — one of the finest in the nation and it is available for our daily swim session.

Sam Daniel Tennis Center — a six-court stadium facility, where the Gamecock men’s varsity tennis team practices and plays all of their home matches.

Maxcy Gregg Tennis Center — the Lady Gamecocks’ play their home matches at this tennis facility. The tennis stadium features six courts and a grandstand.

Adult Camp Format

Day Only

Individual instruction is provided by approximately a one-to-four teacher-student ratio. We also provide one-on-one training in our individual fundamentals session. You will be grouped according to ability, and the drills and coaching technique will be geared to the ability level of the group.

Weekend Schedule

First Day (Saturday)
Morning — 9-10a Registration (at Maxcy Gregg Tennis Courts) 10-12n We will videotape all of your basic strokes, including the forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve and service return. Also, we will take a video of you playing so we can evaluate you while playing points. When not being taped, we will give instruction in all of the above fundamentals. Lunch — 12-1p Free Time — 1-1:30p A choice of rest or an open hit period with a friend of your choice. Afternoon — 1:30-5p We will continue the instruction and give you drills which will assist you in developing repetitious stroke production. Evening — 7p We will have a wine and cheese and a light dinner party at our hospitality room. While some simply socialize, others will review videotapes that were taken during the day. Instructors will go over the tapes in slow motion and give pointers about your game.

Second Day (Sunday)
Morning — 10-12n We will teach singles and doubles strategies and go through situations which require decision-making on court. Lunch — 12-1p Free Time — 1-1:30p A choice of rest or an open hit period with a friend of your choice. Afternoon — 1:30-4p We will go through a number of singles and doubles drills which will develop the strategies in a repetitious form. We will finish by playing both singles and doubles and making on court evaluations.