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Feb. 14, 2003

USCSPORTS.COM talked to senior Chris Warren this afternoon prior to the Arkansas game tomorrow afternoon.

Chris, you’re back from injury. Is saying you are glad to be back an understatement?

It is an understatement. I’m very excited to be back. Very excited to have a two game winning streak got a little confidence going, six games being out is tough.

What did you do to come back?

I just was in rehab twice a day trying to get back. I wanted to get my ankle strong again. It’s still not a 100%, but I’m trying to get it as strong as it possibly can because you never know what could happen.

After a month of being with Dennis Williams, the trainer, do you feel like now you’re going to start sending him Christmas cards when you leave?

I might have to do something for him. I mean I have to look out for him in some kind of way, he’s helped me so much in getting back. I might have to give him a Valentine’s or something.

Talk about the Clemson game, do you remember how you played up there last year?

Well, I didn’t play that well or that much. I was kind of struggling to begin the season. It was good to play against the rival the other night.

How did you feel scoring 17 points? A personal best for you. What do you think you owe to that, or what is your reason for that?

There’s no reason really. I just opened some shots and I just knocked them down. It’s nothing to do with like I couldn’t do it or anything, I just had an opportunity and took advantage of it.

The media are going to credit you in the papers probably tomorrow for the resurgence of the backcourt, you and Chuck, how comfortable do you feel back there with him?

I feel real comfortable. I played with him last year. I played with him over the summer and got pretty comfortable playing with each other. It was a little difficult at first but we somehow gelled together coming into the season.

What’s been your favorite thing playing on this team this year? Just having an opportunity to play. When you get an injury you kind-a put things into perspective. I mean when I think tomorrow I might not play another game, I like it more. I mean it’s my last year and I only have seven more games. Seven more guaranteed games to play and its not even guaranteed because I might get hurt again, so I just gotta be thankful that I’m playing.

Is there anything anyone told you when you were injured that stuck in your mind, as far as coming back, and being healthy?

My parents just told me to keep my head up and keep believing in myself. That’s all I could ever do. I mean they just said do whatever it takes to help your team and have a good senior season.

Chuck said before the Clemson fans were like a sixth man. What do you want from the fans tomorrow against Arkansas?

I want the same thing they did against Clemson and Florida and the big games plus more if they can! It’s kind-a a lot to ask more from what they did against Clemson, but it is nice to have that sixth man advantage.