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Aug. 11, 2004

The 2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremonies are on Friday, August 13 on NBC in the evening. USCSPORTS.COM caught up with USC swimmer and Hungarian Olympian Tamas Zoltan Bathazi to find out if he was going to the ceremonies, what he will be wearing and so forth. Each day USCSPORTS.COM will have a few words from the USC Olympians, coaches and staff in Athens, Greece for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games.

USC: What events you are competing in for your first Olympics?

TB: The 800m freestyle relay for Hungry. My brother, Istvan Bathazi, also of
the USC team, will also be competing on this relay.

USC: Are you going to the Opening Ceremonies?

TB: Yes ? of course!

USC: What are you most looking forward to at the Opening Ceremonies?

TB: Everything! I am really excited, and I hope I will talk to other
athletes from different countries. There will literally be people there from
all over the world getting ready to compete.

USC: You are from Hungary. Do you know who is carrying the flag for your

TB: His name is Antal Kovacs and he competes in judo.

USC: Do you like the clothes you will wear for the Opening Ceremonies — how
would you describe it?

TB: It’s nice. I hope it?s comfortable ? we will be standing a long time.

USC: What will you eat the night before you compete typically?

TB: Lots of meat, and shark’s blood (he said with a smile)

USC: When do you arrive in Athens?

TB: I will go to there on Aug. 13 ? the day of the opening ceremonies.

Thanks USC for checking in ? keep in touch during the Olympics!