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Aug. 16, 2004

Senior Gamecock breaststroker Istvan Bathazi is in Athens, Greece, preparing for his third Olympic Games. Istvan, whose younger brother Tamas is also competing in Athens, sat down with USCSPORTS.COM to talk about Athens.

USC: What events you are competing in?

IB: The 4×200 free relay for Hungary.

USC: Did you go to the Opening Ceremonies?

IB: Yes I did and it was amazing. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to the ceremonies. I have been on three Olympics (also competed in Sydney and Atlanta) but that was the first time when I could go to the opening ceremonies.

USC: What did you enjoy the most?

IB: When they lit the Olympic fire – the torch.

USC: Who carried the flag for your country at the opening ceremonies?

IB: Antal Kovacs, a member of the Hungarian judo team.

USC: What did you wear for the Opening Ceremonies – how would you describe it?

IB: It’s really nice. It is a light blue coat with a light colored pants.

USC: What will you eat the night before you compete typically?

IB: I usually i eat something light. I like grilled chicken breast with rice or some
pasta and chocolate.

USC: Do you like the Olympic Village?

IB: Yes and I will be here till the end of the games.

USC: What are your impressions of the village so far?

IB: It looks good, but I didn’t have time to discover it yet. We got here on
Friday afternoon, but we are preparing to compete right now. The apartments are nice. They have four bedroom with two bathroom and one big living room.

USC: Who is your roommate at the Olympic village? Who are your housemates?

IB: My roommate is my brother and my housemates are some other swimmers from the Hungarian team.

USC: Any fun stories to tell about Athens yet?

IB: No, not yet, but i will post if I have some J.

USC: How many Olympics have you been to – any special stories or surprises
happen at all?

IB: This Olympics is my third one.

USC: What are you most looking forward to in Athens?

IB: After I finish swimming next week, I am looking forward to going to different sporting events and cheer for my teammates. It’s great here in Athens.