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July 26, 2010

2792683.jpeg caught up with senior forward Jewel May for a quick Q&A. Here are some things you might not know about the Gamecocks’ most experienced post player. And, check back to periodically for an inside look at other players on South Carolina’s 2010-11 women’s basketball team.

Do you eat M&Ms one at a time or by the handful?
Two at a time to appease my fake “OCD”

What’s your favorite sugary road food?
Fruit snacks or powdered donuts

What’s your favorite salty road food?
Cheetos and hot Cheetos!!

What’s the best Halloween candy?
Laffy Taffy

What’s the best part of a cake – cake, frosting or filling?
Hmm… I’ll have to go with the corner piece that has the most frosting on it.

What sweet food could you never ever give up?
Too easy… Cheesecake!

Name the ingredients of your ultimate sundae.
Birthday cake ice cream with Snickers and rainbow sprinkles

Do you drink the milk left over from a bowl of cereal?
Yes, but not if the cereal makes chocolate milk

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever eaten?

What’s your favorite way to eat a potato – French fries, home fries, baked, chips?
Homemade French fries with seasoning salt

What’s your least favorite vegetable?
Brussell sprouts or beets


Who is the singer whose songs you own the most of?
Between Alicia Keys, Raheem deVaughn, Musiq Soulchild and India Arie, it’s probably a tie.

What is the coolest first name you’ve ever heard?
Fallon, and if I have a daughter one day, that will be her name.

Where is the hottest place you’ve ever been?

If you had to spend the rest of your life in another country, which one would it be?

Do you need more shoes, think you need more shoes or have plenty of shoes?
I need to give away some shoes, and stop buying new ones … But it’s hard!

What’s the worst fashion mistake you ever made?
I dunno. There are so many looking back. I’m always up for trying something new. Sometimes I’m not so successful

What fashion item defines you?
Hmm… something really bright. Maybe like a neon pair of tights.

Do you wear painful shoes just because they’re cute?
Yes I do! Not as much as I used to though, after my [ankle] surgery.

Who is the most stylish person you know?
Well, that I know personally, I have to say my sister Delise. She usually gets it right and it’s different. My mom used to be “Hollywood” too!

Who is the funniest person you know?
Charenee [Stephens] or my best friend Leah

Who do you usually see movies with?
By myself. I go on “me-dates” a lot.

Who do you text the most?
Probably Samone [Kennedy]… about nothing!

Who is the easiest person to buy a gift for?
My mother, because she has no problem making it known exactly what she wants at anytime, how much it costs, and where we can get it from.

Who encourages you the most?
My mother is my personal cheerleader, ALL the time, even when I don’t feel like being cheered for…. Bittersweet!

Describe your best friend in one word.

Where do you do most of your heavy thinking?
In my room or in my car

What do you know a lot about?
I guess psychology, but don’t ask me any questions!

What do you know nothing about?
Camping, and things of that nature. No pun intended.

Name something you love the sound of.
Hard rain and soft thunder, just before the point where it’s scary

What’s the meanest thing you did as a little kid?
Umm, I used to get in fights with my little sister… but I didn’t play fair. I used to throw random objects at her. Good thing I’ve grown up since then!


What’s the worst pain you ever felt?
The pain of losing someone close to me and the pain of fearing I would lose someone close to me. Nothing physical though, that usually goes away in time.

How long do you stay mad when you are wronged – min, hrs, days, forever?
Wow. It depends on the situation. I try not to hold grudges, so I wouldn’t say forever. But I can be stubborn sometimes.

What’s your green kryptonite (weakens/destroys you)?
Rejection; I hate the word “No” but I know that it is necessary to hear sometimes. Just makes you try harder.

What have you dreamed of doing but think you can’t? br> DANCE! Like I have always wanted to take a dance class where they choreograph sequences, but I have very little rhythm, and I wouldn’t remember the steps.

Do you ever wear socks with holes in them?
Yes – it’s so hard to let go of my favorites!

What’s under your bed?
Suitcases, art supplies, and a box full of purses and bags

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever made by hand?
It’s between an Amy Winehouse interpretation of me that I PhotoShopped, or a robot police officer sitting on a donut that I made in ceramics. Both were for art classes I took last year toward my minor.

Have you ever been hypnotized?
“Yes, the first time that I laid eyes on…” LOL! Please! Umm… no. Has anyone ever really been hypnotized? I’m just not convinced, and they tried to do it to me before.

What concert or event would you like to have a backstage pass for?
Chrisette Michele and Monica, with Maxwell opening for them. Ugh! That would be great!

Do you talk during movies – never, sometimes a little, always?
A lot, always! I can’t help it!

Do you make plans and stick to them or wing it?
I like to have everything planned out. I don’t like the whole idea of spontaneity if I go on a trip or something. I would much rather research it first and know exactly how much fun I’m going to have and where, beforehand. But I am open to suggestions!

Do you raise your hand in class first or last?
First, and I sit in the front, and I take notes. So shoot me, I’m a nerd!!

Which magazine cover would you like to appear on?

When are you at your best – morning, afternoon or late night?
In the afternoon or morning. I’m not worth anything at night, I go to bed really early.

Are you street smart, book smart or a smart alec?
Book smart and definitely a smart alec

What game are you good at?

What game are you not good at?
Softball and Monopoly. I don’t have the patience for Monopoly; one game can go on for days!

What two things do you grab if you have to leave your house ASAP?
Well I usually mean to grab my cell phone but it usually gets left behind. But definitely my purse, which is my survival kit and is very heavy! And a snack.

Do you read the instructions before putting something together?
No, I look at the pictures. But I usually get it right… There just may be a shelf facing the wrong direction or something.

Are you extroverted, introverted or somewhere in the middle?
Well, I like to think I’m an introvert, but my peers think the opposite because I’m so loud.

What is your favorite holiday and why?
I like Christmas. I have a big family and it’s the only holiday that everyone is guaranteed to be in town at the same time.

Are you fearful or fearless?
Well I’m sure we all wish we could be as “Fearless” as Taylor Swift, but that’s not real life! I’m afraid of a lot of things, but I’m okay with that!