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Feb. 15, 2011

This edition of Volley Voices delves into the past, with the stated question(s): What age did you start playing VB and what drew you to the game? Let’s see what the team had to say.

Juliette Thévenin: I’ve been playing volleyball since I was 3 because my dad was a coach 🙂

Taylor Bruns: I started at age 7. My whole family (parents, aunts, uncles and cousins) all loved the sport and played, so I grew up around it. Honestly, I was born playing it!

Cara Howley: I started playing volleyball at age 14. I was drawn to it because I wanted to try every sport they offered in middle school. Then I fell in love with it and later on quit all the other sports!

Olivia Ryder: Eighth grade-13 years old. I really wasn’t drawn to the sport. A family friend who was the coach at the time said I should play because I was tall. So I played and happened to get really good at it Haha! 🙂

Teresa Stenlund: I started playing club volleyball when I was 13 because I got cut trying out for my school’s team. I was drawn to the game because I didn’t have to play golf anymore like my parents wanted me to!

Kellie Schmidt: I was 13. My friend and I got a volleyball, and we wanted to learn how to play.

Frankie Vain: 5th grade and I started playing club because my older sister Maddie started playing then. I wanted to be better than her.

Paige Wheeler: I was in second grade and my mom told me I should do a sports camp. She picked volleyball!

Brandi Byers: I started playing volleyball in sixth grade, just going to camp my mom signed me up for, and I instantly fell in love with the game!

Megan Kent: I was 14 and I started because my friend talked me into it.

Christina Glover: 13, I had played before and didn’t like it because it hurt my arms too much. But after my friend started playing, my parents happily pushed me into it.

Casie Slaughter: I started when I was 11. I started playing cause my sister played, and I wanted to be like her.

Kathryn Pearce: I started at age 9. I got burnt out on tennis because I was playing all day every day, so I switched to volleyball.

Lindsey Craft: I started playing at the end of sixth grade. I just remember watching the high school girls play, wanting to be just as good as them. I saw how much fun they were having competing together as a team, so I thought that was cool and something I’d want to do!