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Aug. 31, 2011

As you have likely read on the Spurs Up blog (and if you haven’t, you can read it here, the Gamecocks had an interesting and successful opening weekend on many fronts. The team won the Temple Invitational, made it on the Charlotte-bound commercial flight out of Philadelphia before the bad weather leading Irene hit and kept calm after the bus taking the team home to Columbia broke down south of Rock Hill (and enjoyed themselves, according to their answers). So we decided to see what the Gamecocks thought was their most memorable moment of the weekend. Here’s what they have to say.

Christina Vereb: Winning all three games! And then having a dance party in the parking lot of a rest stop because our bus broke down for three hours lol

Teresa Stenlund: Winning a fist pump dance battle against Megan Kent!!

Paige Wheeler: My most memorable moment was winning the first game of the weekend! We were all so happy, and we fought hard for that win.

Brandi Byers: I would say when our bus’s transmission blew, and we had a dance off at the rest stop waiting for another bus 🙂

Lexie Pawlik: Going 3-0 and bonding with all of the girls on our first road trip!!

Hanna Forst: My most memorable moment was when Jules and Taylor won their awards! No one deserved it more than they did

Bethanie Thomas: Fighting to finish our first win, 32-34.

Lindsey Craft: Most memorable moment this weekend was when we had to wait 2 hours and 45 minutes for a new bus! We ended up having a dance off between everyone. It was hilarious.

Cara Howley: My most memorable moments were winning the whole tournament and dancing at the fountain in downtown Philadelphia!

Christina Glover: My most memorable moment in Philadelphia was when our team did our team dance in front of the fountain in front of a crowd of people!!

Megan Kent: The most memorable moment is getting stuck at 10:30 at night at a rest stop and having a dance off.

Juliette Thévenin: The most memorable moment was when we won the first set of the first match, 34-32. It was awesome.

Taylor Bruns: Well winning was great, but I still can’t stop thinking about Hanna Forst’s amazing kill against Temple that just went STRAIGHT down, middle of the court. We were all in shock until we started screaming celebrating.

Frankie Vain: My favorite part of the weekend was winning the tournament, duh!