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May 31, 2012

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Opening Statement
We’re excited to be able to host a regional once again. It’s a tremendous field with Clemson, Coastal Carolina and Manhattan. I know the atmosphere will be great. We look forward to going out and hopefully playing some great baseball this weekend.

On Colby Holmes and Manhattan
Colby Holmes will be our starter versus Manhattan. Forrest Koumas has been on the mound a couple of times this week. He feels pretty good.

On Grayson Greiner’s surgery
He did have surgery at 7 a.m. this morning. He hurt himself at probably 4:30 p.m. yesterday. The doctor jumped on top of it and got him in this morning. I think he came out before 8. I got a call and it was a lateral meniscus tear, bucket handle variety. He did well. He should respond quickly. If we’re fortunate to advance, he’ll probably be activated next weekend. Will he be able to catch, unlikely, but his process is rehab tomorrow and go as you can tolerate the pain. We’ll miss him this weekend. We hate that the accident happened yesterday.

On Dante Rosenberg
Dante Rosenberg is an older guy, he’s a mature guy. He’s a confident man in his abilities. The games that he started, we were 11-4. He didn’t have maybe the offensive potential that Grayson (Greiner) had going in, but certainly as a defensive guy he’s been good back there. We’re disappointed that Grayson had an injury, but we don’t lack confidence in Dante. I have tremendous confidence in Dante. He’s the kind of guy that he’s excited about his opportunity. I think he’ll do well.

On the decision to pitch Michael Roth on Saturday
It was a situation that early on when we found out our field – Coach (Jerry) Meyers and I have been together a while and know each other pretty well – it was a case where we felt like Michael (Roth) would be a great matchup for Coastal or Clemson. We’re going to play Coastal or Clemson. That was the thought process going into it. It had nothing to do with nothing else other than that. Colby (Holmes) had a really good outing here a couple of weeks ago against LSU. He did not pitch real well in the tournament, but has postseason experience. He’s pitched in this environment before. It was really a matchup. We thought about it, looked at it, did some scouting reports, and when we got down to the continuation of the conversation, it was a case of when we would pitch Roth. We said when we play Coastal or Clemson most likely.

On Manhattan pitcher Taylor Sewitt
I don’t know if we’ll be able to hit him. Nobody has yet. It’s a case that our guys know what we’re going to face. We’ve had those guys; we’ve seen those guys. Do you see them every day? No. It’s unusual, its unorthodox, it’s not normal. That’s why its effective. The young man is thriving. I think he got his first start about a month ago against TCU. Our guys understand it. Whether we’ll be able to do anything or not, that’s the challenge. He’s really good. He’ll throw it in the strike zone and tell you good luck. As much as we want to win tomorrow, I think it’s a great story for college baseball with what he’s been able to do. Very, very impressive. We’ve talked about it a bit. It’s about going out and performing.

On Evan Beal
Evan (Beal) was sick yesterday. I don’t know if he has a virus, but he got an antibiotic yesterday. He came in this morning for practice, then (Athletic Trainer) Brainard (Cooper) sent him home to get a couple of days of rest. Hopefully it’s a 24-hour deal with him.

On three South Carolina schools in the Columbia regional
My first reaction was they only want one team coming out of here. If you go back to the history and tradition that Coach (Gary) Gilmore has established at Coastal, they can go somewhere and win. Clemson has a proven track record and can go somewhere and win. We’ve been proven to win. You can only get one of them now. They’ve suffocated us here. It is what it is. In college baseball you don’t go 1-vs-64 and 2-vs-63. It’s regional. When we knew we were hosting, it was almost a given that we knew we’d get College of Charleston or Coastal Carolina. We were going to get Clemson or Georgia Tech. That’s kind of the way it shook out. It’s NCAA but it’s not a true pairing, it’s a regional pairing. It’s been that way for years.

South Carolina OF Adam Matthews

On getting the younger guys ready for postseason
We play in the SEC so those guys are used to the atmosphere. It’s the same game we’ve been playing all year. Just go out there. We’re prepared for it and hopefully we can just put a good game together.

South Carolina P Matt Price

On getting the younger guys ready for postseason
You have to enjoy the moment. Every chance you get you have to try to thrive through it and have fun.

South Carolina P Michael Roth

On three South Carolina schools in the Columbia regional
Mostly we’re excited it’s going to be probably the best atmosphere in college baseball this weekend. You won’t be able to beat it anywhere. We’re excited to be playing in an atmosphere like that.

On getting the younger guys ready for postseason
I would just tell them play the game. You can’t imagine a better situation that we’re in to go out there and play baseball and have a lot of fun. That’s what I tell the guys every day.

On the NCAA winning streak
I haven’t even thought about that. It’s pretty cool. Hopefully we’ll extend it.

On if Dante Rosenberg has caught him in a game
Dante has not caught me in a game yet, but he catches most of my bullpens in hopes that he will one day. Saturday will be the day for him. Dante and I are very close. It’s an unfortunate situation that happened to Grayson (Greiner), but in the postseason somebody always has to step up. Now’s the time for Dante to step in and play some great baseball. I know he’s looking forward to it.