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The Gamecock Club Announces Decade Dividends Plan
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The Gamecock Club Announces Decade Dividends Plan

Jan. 15, 2018


Gamecock Club members with 10 or more years of membership will be receiving a previously unexpected bonus. To recognize loyalty, the Gamecock Club recently launched its Decade Dividends plan, which awards additional points for every ten years of membership.

“This is a nice touch for our members without having to ask them for anything,” said Patrick McFarland, Executive Director of the Gamecock Club. “Points make a big difference because we assign our home tickets based upon your level of giving and your points within that level. If you’re looking to improve your seats, it makes a big difference.

“For away game tickets, postseason tickets, and parking, we rank everybody together,” McFarland said. “Being awarded additional points for your support and loyalty can certainly make a difference in the location of your tickets or parking.”

Members will be awarded 10 additional points for every 10 years of consecutive membership. After the initial year of the plan, members will continue to receive 10 more points for every additional 10 years of consecutive membership.

“If you have 24 years of consecutive membership, you will receive 20 points initially, and when you hit the next zero, which would be your 30th year, you’ll get 10 more additional points,” McFarland said. “These are extra points that they wouldn’t have gained in the past. Essentially for every 10 years, you’re credited for $1,000.00.”

Previously the Gamecock Club had honored some of its long-time members with plaques, but that hardware didn’t give them better seats. The goal in implementing the Decade Dividends plan is to recognize members who have been giving for long periods of time.

“We think 10 years shows a lot of loyalty,” McFarland said. “We want to be able to give something back to them for their support.”

McFarland added that the Gamecock Club hopes the plan will motivate members who may be new to see the benefit of a long-term investment.

“If someone is on the fence as to whether they should join or renew, then this certainly can do that,” McFarland said. “If you’re a member in year seven or eight, we hope that the additional 10 points would be appealing for somebody to stay in the Gamecock Club.”

The Gamecock Club intends to implement the Decade Dividends plan in February 2018, and members will be notified of their points being awarded.