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Individual Results

Brent Delahoussaye (So., Greenville, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
The Ridges Intercollegiate 74-71-73=218 T27th
Carpet Capital 74-77-73=224 T37th
CC of Louisiana Collegiate 76-72-69=217 T19th
PING Arizona Intercollegiate 70-72-71=213 19th
Mercedes-Benz Collegiate 79-72-69=220 T15th
Seminole Intercollegiate 72-73-78=223 T19th
Conrad Rehling Invitational 68-77-72=217 T22nd
Schenkel E-Z-GO Invitational 75-75-75=225 T48th
Cleveland Golf-Augusta State 70-73-70=213 T21st
SEC Championships 76-69-90=225 T36th
Nash Elliott (RSo., Estill, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
The Ridges Intercollegiate 67-70-73=210 T6th
Carpet Capital 77-73-77=227 T37th
CC of Louisiana 73-73-76=222 42nd
PING Arizona Intercollegiate 72-69-75=216 T29th
Mercedes-Benz Collegiate 80-82-78=240 T75th
*The Citadel Invitational 71-69=140 T2nd
Schenkel E-Z-GO Invitational 80-75-74=229 65th
Cleveland Golf-Augusta State 73-78-75=226 T79th
SEC Championships 76-88-80=244 T57th
NCAA East Regional 75-82-86=243 T123rd
Scott Feaster (RJr., Columbia, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
Carpet Capital 80-77-75=232 T51st
*Coker College Intercollegiate 68-73=141 T1st
CC of Louisiana 73-77-75=225 T55th
* Pine Needles Invitational 80-72=152 T35th
Seminole Intercollegiate 80-81-75=236 T66th
Cleveland Golf-Augusta State 79-78-80=237 T89th
Matt Giffin (TSo., Easley, S.C.)
Tournament Rounds Finish
&Seminole Intercollegiate 77-77-73=227 30th
Conrad Rehling Invitational 83-74-74=231 67th
Schenkel E-Z-GO Invitational 81-75-76=232 69th
Alex Hamilton (Fr., Aiken, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
PING Arizona 73-72-73=218 T29th
Mercedes-Benz Collegiate 78-80-73=231 T51st
Seminole Intercollegiate 78-76-74=228 T36th
Conrad Rehling Invitational 79-72-74=225 T52nd
Cleveland Golf-Augusta State 74-7067=211 T17th
SEC Championships 78-72-73=223 T31st
NCAA East Regional 72-77-84=233 T84th
Jason Huguet (So., Greenville, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
The Ridges Intercollegiate 83-74-72=229 T65th
*Coker College Intercollegiate 76-73=149 T18th
*The Citadel Invitational 73-74=147 5th
Jonathan Jackson (Fr., Chapel Hill, NC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
Mercedes-Benz Collegiate 86-77-78=241 T77th
*The Citadel Invitational 78-74=152 T17th
NCAA East Regional 81-71-83=235 T93rd
Johan Kok (RSo., Peachtree City, GA)
Tournament Rounds Finish
The Ridges Intercollegiate 75-68-73=216 T20th
Carpet Capital 76-75-73=224 T27th
CC of Louisiana 70-75-70=215 T15th
PING Arizona Intercollegiate 82-73-73=228 T91st
Seminole Intercollegiate 83-78-73=234 62nd
Conrad Rehling Invitational 80-69-71=220 T35th
Schenkel E-Z-GO Invitational 78-74-81=233 70th
SEC Championships 80-77-79=236 55th
Michael Maness (Jr., Galivants Ferry, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
* Coker College Intercollegiate 75-73=148 T13th
* Pine Needles Invitational 81-84=165 T98th
Matt Robinson (RFr., Rockhill, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
* Coker College Intercollegiate 69-74=143 T4th
* Pine Needles Invitational 75-69=144 T7th
NCAA East Regional 78-78-87=243 T123rd
Martin Rominger (Fr., Switzerland)
Tournament Rounds Finish
The Ridges Intercollegiate 73-70-72=215 T19th
Carpet Capital 74-76-80=230 T44th
CC of Louisiana 74-71-73=218 T24th
PING Arizona Intercollegiate 74-68-69=211 T10th
Mercedes-Benz Collegiate 77-73-75=225 T30th
Seminole Intercollegiate 72-70-71=213 T2nd
Conrad Rehling Invitational 75-74-70=219 T31st
Schenkel E-Z-GO Invitational 72-72-75=219 T20th
Cleveland Golf-Augusta State 72-66-71=209 T10th
SEC Championships 72-71-73=216 T8th
NCAA East Regional 76-81-77=234 T87th
Lee Taylor (So., Roanoke, Va.)
Tournament Rounds Finish
* Pine Needles Invitational 79-74=154 T54th
Jake Thompson (So., Greenville, SC)
Tournament Rounds Finish
* Coker College Intercollegiate 76-72=148 T13th
* Pine Needles Invitational 77-74=151 T31st
*The Citadel Invitational 77-77=154 T24th

* denotes �B� team tournaments

& competed as an individual