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June 3, 2004

University of South Carolina

Coach Ray Tanner

It is very exciting, and I think this will be a great regional. We have three in-state teams and hopefully we will have good weather so we can see a lot of great baseball this weekend.

(Aaron Rawl)

Rawl had 28 appearances as a freshman and he battles. He gives you what he has, and he also has a great heart and tremendous character. You have to feel good when he is on the mound.

(The Citadel)

The Citadel gave us two good games this year. Head Coach Fred Jordan does a great job. His team is well coached and they have been to the NCAA’s many times. The difference of the regular season and the game tomorrow night is that there is a lot more at stake.

(About winning games by two runs or less)

We expect to win, and we hold people. I like our pitching staff. All of the teams here belong here, and it is going to come down to who makes the hits and who is pitching. Playing at home gives us a slight advantage but we have to see what happens.

(Teams in the NCAA’s from the State of South Carolina)

It is very good that we got as many teams from the state that we did. There is a good knowledge of baseball by high school coaches here and we have very good representation from the players who are on these teams.

Kevin Melillo

They are all good ball clubs that are here in this regional. We can’t worry about UNC, first we have to take care of the Citadel, and then focus on the second game that we play.

Landon Powell

Last year we weren’t all that excited about going to Georgia Tech but we were happy to be in the postseason. Each team will be gunning for their opponent.We have been anticipating this all year. I’m happy to be hosting and I can’t wait to start.

At the SEC Tournament we played against eight tough teams. Any team can win any day. Lately, our pitching staff has been carrying us but we need to give them more support. We have been winning with four or five hits so we have to pick it up.

North Carolina

Coach Mike Fox

We are back in familiar territory. We are excited to be here, and being in the NCAA Tournament is something that we don’t take for granted. We know what it takes to win a regional, and this one will be a tough one since there are three conference champions in it. We look to keep the dream alive and go to the College World Series.

(Getting the chance of playing someone that you did not play in the regular season)

I wasn’t shocked, but I was a little surprised about coming to Columbia for the regional. The selection board has a tough task of assigning teams of where to go. We thought we were going somewhere else but you can’t worry about it. Last year, we went to Mississippi State, and that gave us the chance of going to somewhere that we haven’t been. It creates a little more excitement when you get to play someone that you didn’t see in the regular season. It gives the guys a chance to meet different people and see places that they have never been. It is a lot like taking the same summer vacation and doing the same thing, where as if you take a different vacation it creates more excitement.

Chris Iannetta

This is a good opportunity to play against three good teams, and with how we played last week in the ACC Tourney, we feel like we can beat anyone.

Garry Bakker

We look at this as a challenge and a chance to get revenge because of South Carolina ending our season last year. We were disappointed of coming here but we have experience in this ball park and we look at it as motivation.

The Citadel

Coach Fred Jordan

We are glad to be here. In the conference tournament we were very solid defensively and seemed to hit our stride offensively. South Carolina has very few weaknesses.

(on playing South Carolina again)

It would have been nice to not play them again but logistically it makes sense. It really doesn’t matter if you know a lot about South Carolina or not. We are just excited to be in the post season regardless of who we are playing.

(on South Carolina)

I really enjoy watching South Carolina. They have speed at the top and power in the middle and a table setter in Davy Gregg at the bottom. However, they win games with a guy named (Chad) Blackwell. Coach Tanner does a great job getting him in the game when they have the lead.

(On Pitcher Ken Egleton)

This is a big opportunity for Ken. He chose The Citadel to have chances like this.

(on South Carolina having five teams in the NCAA’s)

It is really amazing for this state to get five teams in the tournament. Baseball is big here and I am just glad to be a part of it.

Jonathan Ellis

(on facing South Carolina again)

Revenge really doesn’t come into play in baseball. We played them in two close games this year and things went their way. Hopefully things will go our way this time around.

Chip Cannon

We are going to prepare for South Carolina. We have worked very hard and hopefully we can defeat them. We will try not to get geared up because that is when you go to the plate and struggle.

Coastal Carolina

Coach Gilmore

We are very excited to be here. It is nice that we are close to home in the Palmetto State considering where we have went in past years.

(on being underdogs)

It really doesn’t matter where we go. We are underdogs and we are used to it. No one, other than ourselves, believe that we can win this regional.

(Teams in the NCAA’s from the State of South Carolina)

It is very impressive for our state to have this many teams in the tournament. It is very competitive baseball with great coaches. This is a great state for college baseball.

(on matchups)

When you get to this point in the season you are always facing a good team. There is great baseball in every regional and we will have to play great to win.

Steven Carter

(on being underdogs)

This is the fourth regional we have been underdogs. We cherish the role because we really have nothing to lose.

(on this year’s team compared to previous teams)

We have a deeper staff this year than in the previous years. The only difference between our first pitcher and our tenth pitcher is the mindset.

Mike Costanzo

We are not affected by being the underdog. Knocking off an in-state school would be awesome for the school.