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Nov. 1, 2004

Columbia, SC – The following are opening comments comments from the Lou Holtz press conference on Monday, November 1st:

On Injury:

“Dondrial, we didn’t throw him yesterday because his shoulder is a little sore. But, Syvelle Newton will be full speed by this weekend. He should be completely recovered. Jabari Levey has an ankle. Chris Tucker, who played an awful lot on Saturday, has got a little bit of a knee. De’Adrian Coley has a little bit of a knee. But everybody should be fine by time Saturday gets here. So health-wise, we’re pretty fortunate.”

About Saturday’s game against Tennessee:

“When I was going over my notes for this press conference, my main objective here is when I leave here I’m not committed to an insane asylum because what I’m about to say is going to sound crazier than anything.

“There were times on Saturday, looking at that film, we were outstanding. And there were times we were absolutely horrendous. And the overall feeling I had about the game was we were very poor.

“When I got back and I looked at the film, that’s why I say it seems like it’s going to be crazy, that was one of the better football games that we have played since I’ve been here with an exception of about eight plays on offense and eight plays on defense.

“And when you went back and talked about who played well, the whole offensive line probably played better than they have played as a group maybe since I’ve been here. And I know it sounds crazy. Our receivers played very well. That was obvious. Our backs probably played better than they have played in a long time-with the football and without the football. Demetris Summers played an excellent game-the best game he has played since he’s been here, as a total-running, catching, blocking. Same thing with Cory Boyd. And I thought our quarterback was exceptional. One play was outstanding. Same thing on the offensive line. Then you got to look at it defensively. Jamacia Jackson had a heck of a football game and he had one play. When you go back and you look at it, people played very well.

“Let’s take it on defense. You say, ‘how can you even say that?’ We had seven times we went three-and-out on defense. Seven times it was three plays and out. In nine plays they gained 292 yards, I think it was. And the other 47 plays they gained 122. You can’t give up the big play. That’s why I say I don’t want to go to an insane asylum. I’m not saying we played a good football game. What I’m saying is that there were some good things. That’s why when I looked at that film, I said, this does not make sense.

“Offensively. The three games against Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss, Tennessee’s defensive edge has given up 16 first downs, 83 yards rushing and 143 passing. We had 30 first downs, 86 plays, 224 yards rushing-that’s without the 52 yards we loss, 337 yards passing, and our inabilility to score in the red zone is discouraging.”