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April 13, 2005

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier appeared on ESPN2’s morning show Cold Pizza on Monday, April 11. Coach Spurrier visited with co-host Linda Kohn about being back in college football and the next Gamecock quarterback, among other things. Here are the highlights of that conversation.

On being back coaching college football: “It really feels fun. I’m enjoying myself. I’m surrounded by an excellent group of coaches and really an excellent group of players. We had a few guys sort of misbehave big time that are not with us anymore Sometimes that happens when young men choose to do whatever they want to do rather than be part of the team. Unfortunately that happened. It was embarrassing for all of us associated with South Carolina but it’s history and we are concentrating on the players that we have here now.”

On which QB will be the next star of Fun n’ Gun offense: “Hard to say. It’s going to be very similar to my first year at Florida in 1990. We had five players during the spring. Right now we’ve got three maybe four. We’ve got a player trying to get his sixth year of eligibility which is under appeal right now…I really believe the player who improves the most through the summer and comes back in August pre-season practice more knowledgeable and ready to play that will probably be our guy.”

On facing Florida Nov 12: “Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that game for a long time. Right now we’re worried about our spring game this Saturday. By the way we appreciate ESPN2 putting it on national television. Looking forward to that game 1:00 pm this Saturday. Then we’re looking forward to Central Florida the first game of the season….We’ve a lot of big ball games ahead of us and the Gator game is not until November and I’ll have to worry about it at that time.”

His upcoming birthday wish? “Well, I feel real good…I’m thankful South Carolina has given me the opportunity to coach here. This is a school that has all the resources to be successful …my favorite saying about age is Satchel Paige said ”How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’ and I think that is pretty good advice for all of us because you are whatever you are and that number of years you’ve been here doesn’t really have much to do with it.”

Which state has better golf courses, Florida or South Carolina? “I believe that is a tie. I didn’t realize this state had so many good one until I got here. Lou Holtz told me there are many, many beautiful courses you’re going to get a chance to play… I call it a tie.”