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June 4, 2011

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South Carolina
Opening Statement

It was a great win for us tonight I thought that it was going to be difficult for us in the early going there, it looked like (Will) Dorsey was going to settle in and mix and match a little bit with his change up, then we rolled into a double play there with Brady and only got one out of it. Then we came right back and had the six run third and the four run fourth, Colby (Holmes) settled in after he gave up the solo home run and got deeper into the game.

On tonight’s hitting…
We are a pretty good hitting team, I know at times it was mentioned that we don’t show it, but we hovered around .300 all year which is pretty good this day and age in college baseball. We sort of had some run scoring opportunities early and Dorsey was able to make some pitches to kind of stop us and then we put together the big inning, we walked two or three times, we only walked four times tonight but they were all at the same time, and then (Robert) Beary comes up with the big at bat. He has got a lot of power, I am a little surprised that he doesn’t have more homeruns than he does, but if you watch us play a lot, he hits a lot of balls to the middle of the field that are the warning track shots that might go out if you pulled them, but he got a hold of that one and drilled it pretty good. It’s great to see, we had some great at bats in the third and fourth innings, we hit balls the other way, we hit some balls hard. We needed everything we got, we didn’t swing it very well late. Just like yesterday they kept getting in position for a big home run, and before Colby (Holmes) left they hit the three run homer and were making some noise. We were fortunate we were able to keep them from getting it close.

On Robert Beary’s home run..

We have a very good team, guys up and down the order all can swing it, that’s how we got in the position we are in now, throughout the season and hopefully we can continue doing that.

On leading off at bat…
Going up to the plate leading off the inning, your main goal obviously is to get on base, I was fortunate enough to work the count a little bit and get a good pitch to hit and the first time I lead off with a double and it was nice to get things going and lead to two big innings.

PITCHER Colby Holmes
On the two big run innings…

It took a lot of pressure off, guys swinging the bat great, I came out and gave up a home run and then I started spotting on my pitches, that six run and four run spot gave me more confidence to go out there and just battle and know that we had the lead and just throw my pitches and let them hit it.

CATCHER Robert Beary
On his home run…

I saw that he wasn’t spotting up as much as he was earlier in the game and I took that and ran with it. He threw me a couple of sliders and I was expecting that and coach gave me the sign to look for the fast ball and when I got to 0-2 that’s a pitch you want to look for and I got it and put a good swing on it.

On the win tonight…
Wins like this always feel good and it helps our team when we come out and hit, because we are a hitting team. Sometimes we don’t show it but that’s baseball. Being able to capitalize and put some runs on the board gives us more confidence as hitters as a whole. You can’t ask for anything more than that.


Opening Statement

Well, Will Dorsey threw his off-speed stuff over the first couple innings and we got a big home run early. I won’t say momentum came our way, but our guys felt pretty good. Then all of the sudden Will lost the zone and command. When he loses command of his off-speed pitch, it can go bad. We kept trying to force the off-speed pitches. We got to a point where we got 2-0 on (Robert) Beary and had to throw him a fast one and he made us pay for it. We scored some runs on NC State yesterday so I still felt we could fight our way back into it. Then we went back out and gave up another four spot. It’s very difficult to come back from that deficit with a club like South Carolina and the bullpen that they have. Our guys kept fighting back. They don’t give any points for making the score respectable, but I was proud of our guys to keep swinging the bat. I told Ray (Tanner), when we were shaking hands that we’d see him tomorrow night. We plan on doing that.

On the pitching staff for tomorrow…
Robbie Powell will start the first game tomorrow. Since we lost (Kurt) Schluter for the year, Powell has been used out of the bullpen and as a starter. We have not used him the first two games, so he will get the start tomorrow. Austin Perez, a left-hander, will also be available for a starting role tomorrow night (if necessary). We’ll have (Tucker) Donahue and (Jake) Boyd back tomorrow. We got some good service out of them yesterday. They’ll be back out of the bullpen. We’ll be okay.

On if he thought to pull Will Dorsey before the Robert Beary grand slam…
Yeah, it’s one of those deals where you’re one pitch away from getting out or doing what (Robert) Beary did and hitting out of the ballpark. We kept trying to stick with his (Will Dorsey’s) game. We kept trying to throw off-speed pitches. The first two innings he had been pretty good. He got some strike outs on some off-speed pitches and that’s his game. The one thing he didn’t have tonight was his curve ball. His curve ball is his second best pitch. It’s one of those things were you keep thinking he’ll make one good pitch and get out of it. We walked a guy, hit a guy and then went 2-0 on Beary. We really didn’t want to throw him a fastball. He couldn’t throw a strike to save his life with his off speed stuff. Beary made us pay with the 2-0 fastball. You can’t do that against a club like South Carolina. They are too good and too disciplined. They don’t swing at bad pitches.

On taking Catcher Nick Rickles out of the game…
We were down 11-1. Rickles has had a good bone bruise on his foot that has affected him. We were down 11-1. We got through the sixth inning and I thought that I better use good judgment here and sit him to give him some rest. With South Carolina’s bullpen to come back from a 11-1 deficit with three innings to go would have been monumental. Even though we made a good run at it, I felt we’d have to win two games tomorrow to play on Monday. I thought it would be the prudent thing to do to have him ready for tomorrow.

On regrouping for tomorrow…

The game is over. We have to go back to our hotel and flush it. We have to come out tomorrow. It’s a new day. We’ve got a strong team, and we’re going to put our best game up tomorrow.

On regrouping for tomorrow…

All year we’ve fought through adversity. We’ve had a couple games and a couple series where we’ve had to fight back. We’re a strong-minded team; we’ll bounce back from this