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May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

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Coastal Carolina Head Coach Gary Gilmore

On if the host school feels pressure during these regionals
I don’t remember feeling any pressure two years ago. Ray (Tanner) has won two national championships. I can’t imagine why he’d feel pressure. At this point in time to put pressure on yourself is ridiculous. There are no expectations in this room outside of these three guys and myself of what we hope to be able to do. It’s not that type of situation where the expectations in our university, community or followers expect us to be in Omaha every year. We do. But that part for us now, it’s fun to play now, just relax, have a good time and compete against the best teams in the country. We have four others besides ourselves here this weekend that will challenge us.

On the pitching situation
We’re going to try to win pitch one tomorrow. We’ll worry about pitch two after that one. I feel that way about everything we do at this point in time. Look at us two years ago. We have two of the best starters in Cody Wheeler and Anthony Meo. We go to the super regional and Meo never steps on the field. We just have to take it one pitch at a time. We don’t have the dominant guys that we’ve had in the past at this moment in time on the pitchers mound, but we have one of the best bullpens in the country.

On the pitching rotation this weekend
We’re going to start Austin Wallace tomorrow. If I don’t have to use him tomorrow for whatever reason, Tyler Herb will start on Saturday. Outside of that it’s every man on board.

On if Coastal Carolina can get overlooked with Clemson and South Carolina in the regional
After as many years as we’ve been banging on that door, I hope we’re not somebody that anybody would overlook. I’ve been in this tournament a number of times and never done the things and seen the places that Ray (Tanner) and Jack (Leggett) have done. It’s a dream of ours to get to Omaha. One thing I’ve found out is there’s not a weak team anywhere in the country on day one. I look at the guy that South Carolina has to face. He’s got like 37 straight innings with no runs. I wouldn’t like to face that guy. I don’t want to see that cat, so it’s one of those things where you get here and hope to find way to compete and stay alive everyday. If people respect us I appreciate it. These guys over the years have earned that right.

On three South Carolina schools in the regional
One of the things that we use in our recruiting is that I feel like we’re in the best state in the country in college baseball. Basically outside of shipping College of Charleston out, you’re basically making this into a state championship and eliminating multiple opportunities to get people to the College World Series. That’s the disappointment I have. This is an awesome opportunity for us. Would it be nice to see four South Carolina teams go to four different places and have four opportunities to go to Omaha. I’m not part of the committee; all I see is when the bracket comes out.

On playing Clemson on Friday
For them, it’s just confidence and familiarity. At least we’ve seen their lineup and know how they react to a lot of things. We probably have a decent chance to see some of the arms we saw against them, so it’s not like we’re unfamiliar with who they are. They’re a great team and great athletes. We’ll have our work cut out for us. For us to ever shed that mid-major type title that everyone wants to throw on us, we have to at some point in time get to a regional and super regional, and if we’re playing South Carolina or Clemson, we have to break through. Every time we get an opportunity like this, it’s a great opportunity.

On playing South Carolina in the super regional in 2010
For me personally it doesn’t play into anything. There are way more new faces. It’s not like there’s an animosity. It’s a challenge. They’re the best of the best. To me that’s all it is. You get geared up if you can win game one to coach and play against the two-time defending national champions. It goes without saying for anyone in the country. The funny thing for me personally out of two years ago is man for man I think we were about as even as we could possibly be. The fact that they made a great play in the 8th inning in game one and brought (Matt) Price in and he was a hair better than us. In game two (Christian) Walker hits that three-run homerun and turns a loss into a win. They made two heroic type performances from great players. That was a difference. Would it be nice to beat those guys? Absolutely, but to be honest I haven’t even looked at South Carolina. I haven’t even glanced at them.

Coastal Carolina P Aaron Burke

On being ready to pitch in any situation
The way the bullpen has been this year, you’re always ready. Me and (Ryan) Connolly have versatile roles from long relief, middle relief and closing sometimes. We’re always ready. We’re not expecting to pitch seven, eight or nine innings, but you never know. It’s the postseason. You’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.

On possibly being overlooked
We kind of expect it form time to time being a mid major school, but I wouldn’t say that we’re focused on what other people are focused on. We’re focused on going out there and playing the same game we’ve always played and doing our best to compete. I don’t think it affects us (regarding) what people expect from us.

Coastal Carolina OF Daniel Bowman

On possibly being overlooked
I don’t think we have any pressure on us or off us. We’re coming to compete and have fun.

On the possibility to play South Carolina
A few years ago in 2010 we had a great series with them down at Myrtle Beach. We look to continue that this weekend, but right now our focus is on Clemson. If we happen to play South Carolina, that would be great.

On playing Clemson earlier this season
The slate’s clean now. It’s obviously a little different feel to it. One thing we can take from that game is confidence. We’ve been playing well recently so I think we have confidence and we’re looking forward to Friday’s game.