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March 28, 2015

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Head Coach Chad Holbrook

Opening statement

Obviously it’s been a disappointing day and a disappointing stretch of days. This is a disappointing time for our team. We can’t seem to get over a hump. It’s been a struggle since the Sunday game against Kentucky. We’ve scuffled and gotten close but haven’t done enough to win. Our team’s a little bit fragile to say the least from a confidence standpoint. I have to continue to search for ways to make them feel better about themselves than they do right now. They want to win. I have good kids in the locker room who really want to win and work extremely hard. They’re just a little big fragile right now. We have a long way to go and I think tomorrow is the halfway point for the regular season and we have to try to dig ourselves out of this rut we’re in. Hopefully that ninth inning got us a little bit of momentum heading into tomorrow with the week ahead of us. We’ll see if we can put up consistent at bats together and continue to pitch and play defense. I have no problem with how our pitchers have been throwing. Jack Wynkoop pitched his heart out today and managed to hold them to one. We had a couple opportunities to win the game and we couldn’t win the game for him. Then Reed Scott after getting a slow start kept us in the game and pitched his tail off. Throwing 111 pitches, that’s all we can ask him to do. We came up one run short. It was a tough day for us, hopefully we can bounce back and come back to the park with some juice and pull ourselves out of this rut tomorrow.

On using Jack Wynkoop on the restart

We wrestled with the decision. First, we did it last year against Tennessee and it worked. Secondly, they were at the point in their line up where they had some athletic guys at the bottom, I think Bell was leading off, so I wanted to put a strike thrower out there. If he did get on base then I had a lefthander in there to hold the runner close. I’m going to sleep well with that decision tonight. I know it didn’t work out. We can sit here and say if we started him in game two we could be 1-1 right now and that might be the case. But I’ll sleep fine tonight knowing I gave the ball to our most consistent pitcher that does the best job with fielding his position and holding runners in a late game. It just didn’t work out for us and I would do it again tomorrow if I were given the opportunity.

On having better at bats

Baseball is hard and it’s difficult to hit the baseball especially when you’re facing the competition we’re facing. All you can do it compete and battle and hope the ball will fall in and get some momentum going and put some runs across. It is extremely frustrating. They walked us 15 times in the first game. It’s difficult to swallow. We just have to have some competitive at bats and some toughness and quit feeling sorry for ourselves and someone step up there and have a big hit. Hopefully Kyle Martin’s hit tonight in the ninth inning will spill over into the games ahead.

Sophomore Outfielder Gene Cone

On “reversing course”

We’re just going to do the same thing we’ve been doing. It’s been a tough two weeks for us and we’re going to try to stay together and piece some good ideas together and throw the ball and play D like we always do.

On what the team could do better

We weren’t able to get the “big hit” when we needed it. We were fighting like always, but we just weren’t able to get that big hit.

On Georgia pitching

They (the Georgia pitchers) were all mixing their pitches and were all throwing for strikes, locating in and out. If you can do that with all 40 pitches it’s going to be tough to hit.

Junior Pitcher Jack Wynkoop

On starting for game one

They told me this morning (about starting game 1) and I was ready to help the team in any way I can. I was definitely excited about going out there and trying to get the win.

On advice to his teammates

I think we have to keep fighting at the plate and grinding out the bats and keep trying to make pitches and keep playing good defense.

Junior Infielder DC Arendas

On leaving runners on base

I think it was a combination of both sides making some really good pitches. I think it’s something both teams are looking to improve on.

On Coach Holbrook’s message to the team

I think we’ve been in some very close games recently. We have to keep competing. I think we’ve been competing but we’ve been a couple games short of getting the “big hit.” Tonight I had the opportunity to do that, so something we’ve got to improve on and it’s definitely something we can build off of. He (Coach Holbrook) has just been telling us to keep working on it and keep competing all season.

On not being able to deliver

It’s frustrating not being able to deliver because we’ve been in the position to make something happen. But I think you have to give a lot of credit to the Georgia pitchers because they made some big pitches in big situations.