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Get to Know New Track and Field Coach Tim Hall

by Brad Muller

Tim Hall is off and running. South Carolina’s new track and field head coach wants to get the Gamecocks back to national prominence in every event, but he knows that building a program is a process.

“The SEC doesn’t yield itself to the faint of heart,” said Hall. “I call it a Diamond League every time the teams come together, indoor and outdoor. If we were a country, the SEC would have been like fifth or sixth in the World Championships in terms of the caliber of performances.

“We’re going to win sooner rather than later.”

Before he can get South Carolina to the top, he knows there will be challenges in building a program, and that’s something he fully embraces.

“Challenges are only as great as we create or make them,” Hall said. “My first priority is to get a staff in place that is going to understand my vision in terms of establishing relationships with student-athletes. We have to be of the mindset that we have to reach athletes first. We have to feel like we understand them as people first before we can extract any kind of performance from them.

“We’re going to get to work cultivating lives. We’re going to make certain we have a first-class program. We’re going to make certain that kids are being held accountable for the team ideals that we put in place. Then we’re going to try to move the needle every day to be one percent better to get this program back to its prominence and relevance in the SEC and NCAA rankings.”

While he comes to South Carolina after serving as the associate head coach at Kentucky for the last five years and has had stints at Tennessee, Clemson and Charlotte, the Charlotte native is glad to be back closer to home.

“This is home for me,” Hall said. “My wife, Adrean, is from Gaffney, South Carolina. I’ve had several opportunities to lead a program, but God has His timing and purpose for everything. This opportunity presents itself for that moment. I’m excited about meeting the kids and getting a staff together, making certain that we have people in place that are ready to impact young lives.

“This is the right moment, the right time, at the right school with the right people for me and my family. I couldn’t be happier or more excited about getting started.”

“No one is going to work harder than Gamecock track and field. We’re going to work hard. We’re going to get things done.”
Tim Hall  . 

Hall has known South Carolina’s recently retired head coach Curtis Frye for some time, and he looks forward to being able to pick his brain from time to time.

“Coach Frye has been a mentor, a spiritual mentor, a guide, and my friend,” Hall said. “He is the reason I’m in this position and have this opportunity right now. There was a job opportunity that came up for me in 2005, and I called Coach Frye to get his opinion about it. After a brief conversation, he said, ‘Tim, there is something bigger and better on the horizon for you. Just be patient.’ I’m so thankful that I listened.

“I appreciate him greatly. He will forever be woven into the fabric of not only the University of South Carolina track and field program, but in the track and field community globally. He’s an icon. I have him as a ‘cheat code’ because he’s right there in Columbia.”

Hall is looking forward to meeting with South Carolina’s current student-athletes, which may also include incoming football freshman Nyckoles Harbor, who was renowned track star in high school as well.

“Nyck is a tremendous dual-sport athlete that I just can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with,” Hall said. “I can’t wait to talk with (football) Coach (Shane) Beamer to formulate a plan that will be conducive to both sports.”

Track and field in the SEC is considered the most competitive in the country, and Hall is looking forward to making South Carolina a contender again.

“I think this is a gold mine,” Hall said. “It’s kind of been dormant for a while in terms of its cross country and track performances. It’s just a matter of helping them understand their value, and their responsibilities within being part of a championship program. We put team ideals in place that are going to hold them accountable for those things. Then we get to work. I’m going to charge them on day one: no one is going to work harder than Gamecock track and field. We’re going to work hard. We’re going to get things done.”