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Oct. 29, 2004

Columbia, S.C. – The University of South Carolina women’s tennis team opened up the 2004 Southern Intercollegiate Tournament in good fashion. The Gamecocks took 11 of their 13 singles matches on the day.

Christyn Lucas and Fallon Koon advanced in the A1 singles with wins over their opponents. Laura Ganzer took two wins on the day as she defeated Lauren Williams of Wofford 6-3,6-1 and Maxine Capewell from the College of Charleston 6-1,6-4. Ganzer will play in the semifinals tomorrow at Maxcy Gregg while Koon and Lucas will compete in the quarterfinals and semi-finals tomorrow.

The Southern Intercollegiate Tournament continues tomorrow with matches starting at 8:30 am. A1 and A2 matches will be at the Maxcy Gregg Tennis Center, B1 and B2 matches are held at the Sam Daniels Tennis Facility while C1, C2, and C3 are held at the Columbia Tennis Center. All scores that were reported today before the deadline are listed below. Matches that were finished after the deadline will be posted in Saturday’s release.

A1 Singles
Christyn Lucas (SC) d. M. Tazi (CSU) w/oVolobueva (ETS) d. S. Shelly (Wof) 3-6,6-3,6-2Lask (Murr) d. G. Moreira (CofC) 6-4,1-2 ret.Hagood (Fur) d. Moitz (Win) 6-2,6-0Cowper (Arm) d. Magory (CofC) 6-1,6-0Koon (SC) d. Hanson (WCU) 6-3,6-1Bently (Fur) d. Murugooboopathy (FM) 6-2,6-1Nortje (UTM) d. A. Forgacs (GS) 6-4,6-1
A2 Singles
Laura Ganzer (SC) d. L. Williams (Wof) 6-3,6-1M. Capewell (CofC) d. J. Leeper (MS) 6-4,4-6,6-2K. Domela (UTM) d. M Gol (ECU) 5-7,7-6(5),6-1S. Moore (Fur) d. C. Grage (Arm) 6-4,4-6,7-6(3)M. Rodezno (SC State) d. A. Willis (CofC) 6-4,6-0M. Ilian (ETS) d. M. Morris (Fur) 6-4,6-3J. Dewet (UTM) d. P. Jager (CSU) 6-1,6-0Novaes (Win) d. D. Nazaruk (Arm) 7-6,7-5
Laura Ganzer (SC) d. M. Capewell (CofC) 6-1,6-4M. Ilian (ETS) d. M. Rodezno (SC St.) 6-4,6-4Novaes (Win) d. J. Dewet (UTM) 6-3,6-1Leeper (MS) d. L. Williams (Wof) 6-0,2-6,6-3Gol (ECU) d. Grage (Arm) 6-3,6-2Morris (Fur) d. Willis (CofC) 6-1,6-0Nazaruk (Arm) d. Jaeger (CSU) 6-1,6-2
B1 Singles
G. Ramesh (UTM) d. J. Bair (CSU) 6-0,6-1M. Emmrich (Arm) d. D. Hartness (Woff) 6-3,6-4L. Osborne (Fur) d. J. Ward (Murr) 4-6,6-3,7-5Stewart (CofC) d. S. Ziockowska (ETS) 2-6,7-6(3),6-3M. Gutierrez (SC) d. S. Moyer (FM) 6-0,6-1C. Albertz (CofC) d. E. Shearman (UTM) 2-6,6-2,7-6(4)J. Eckert (Fur) d. L. Brown (PC) 6-1,6-4S. Haggstrom (Arm) d. K. Buchanon (ECU) 4-0 ret.
B2 Singles
M. Wojdylo (SC) d. A. Brieholtz (Ga. State) 7-5,3-6,6-2L. Peaty (Arm) d. S. Knight (ETSU) 6-4,6-2P. Roberts (CofC) d. R. Lask (Murr) 6-2,0-6,6-1M. Gunn (UTM) d. A. Herd (CSU) 6-3,6-3G. Bailey (ECU) d. B. Baird (Fur) 6-2,6-2L. Bekmetouz (Win) d. C. Pruitt (Murr) 7-5,6-3M. Borisev (SC State) d. D. Hare (Wof) 6-3,6-0Megan McGavock (SC) d. K. Ptak (WCU) 6-2,6-0
Magda Wojdylo (SC) d. L. Peaty (Arm) 6-2,6-2P. Roberts (CofC) d. M. Gunn (UTM) 6-0,6-1M. Borisev (SC State) d. Megan McGavock (SC) 6-3,6-4S. Knight (ETSU) d. A. Brieholtz (GS) 6-4,6-3R. Lask (Murr) d. A. Herd (CSU) 6-0,6-0B. Baird (Fur) d. C. Pruitt (Murr) 4-1 ret.Hare (Wof) d. K. Ptak (WCU) 6-1,6-1
C1 Singles
Grace Blakely (SC) d. K. Ikard (WCU) 6-1,6-0Hodges (Wof) d. Priest (ECU) 7-6,6-2J. Rowan (CofC) d. M. Corel (FM) 6-1,6-3S. Foltyn (Ga. State) d. G. Halim (ETS) 7-6,6-4Justine Walsh (SC) d. J. Marks (CofC) 6-0,6-0M. Cruz (SC State) d. L. Davis (Fur) 6-1,6-0C. Hall (Murr) d. E. Netzler (PC) 6-1,6-3C. Kelly (Arm) d. K. Kennedy (CSU) 6-0,6-0
Grace Blakely (SC) d. A. Hodges (Wof) 6-0,6-2S. Foltyn (Ga. State) d. G. Halim (ETS) 6-1,6-4M. Cruz (SC State) d. Justine Walsh (SC) 6-1,6-3C. Hall (Murr) d. C. Kelly (Arm) 6-3,3-6,6-3H. Priest (ECU) d. K. Ikard (WCU) 6-0,6-1Halim (ETSU) d. Corel (FM) 6-0,6-1J. Marks (CofC) d. L. Davis (Fur) 6-4,7-5E. Netzler (PC) d. K. Kennedy (CSU) 6-0,6-0
C2 Singles
Hancock (CofC) d. M. Bertram (UTM) 7-5,6-2L. Moyer (PC) d. W. Robards (Mur) 7-5,6-1Audrey George (SC) d. W. Brito (SC State) 6-2,6-2M. Sherwood (ETS) d. S. Sjokvist (WCU)6-1,3-6,6-1Harris (WCU) d. K. Stricklad (Ga. State) 6-3,1-6,6-4V. Popac (SC State) d. L. Prickett (Woff) 6-3,6-1Smith (ECU) d. J. Aldea (ETS) 6-1,6-3T. McQueen (Murr) d. C. Wilson (CofC) 6-0,6-2
C3 Singles
Panton (SC State) d. Z. Overcash (ECU) 6-1,6-1Tuckman (CofC) d. S. Ryckman (WCU) 6-2,6-2