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Oct. 30, 2004

Columbia, S.C. – The University of South Carolina women’s tennis team continued their impressive performance in the 2004 Southern Intercollegiate on Saturday. The Gamecocks advanced six players to their flight final in singles while advancing four different double teams to their flight championship.

Christyn Lucas will compete for the Gamecocks on Sunday in the A1 singles final while Laura Ganzer will challenge for the A2 singles title. Miranda Gutierrez and Magda Wojdylo will play for the B1 and B2 titles while Grace Blakely and Audrey George will compete for the C1 and C2 trophies.

Lucas and Wojdylo will also get the chance for another title as they will compete on Sunday’s A1 doubles final against Armstrong Atlantics Cowpers and Peaty. Other USC double teams competing in the final are Fallon Koon and Gutierrez in A2, Ganzer, and Megan McGavock in B2, and Blakely and George in C2.

The Southern Intercollegiate tournament will continue tomorrow starting at 8:00 am at all three sites. All score results for Saturday are listed below under their flight name.

A1 SinglesChristyn Lucas (SC) d. E. Volobueva (ETS) 6-2,6-2M. Hagood (Fur) d. A. Lask (Murr) 6-2,6-0L. Cowper (Arm) d. Fallon Koon (SC) 6-3,6-1C. Bently (Fur) d. S. Nortje (UTM) 6-2,6-2L. Cowper (Arm) d. C. Bently (Fur) 6-0,6-4A.Lask (Murr) d. E. Volobueva (ETS) 3-6,6-2,6-4Fallon Koon (SC) d. Nortje (UTM)D. Moitz (Win) d. G. Moreira (CofC) defMagory (CofC) d. Hanson (WCU) 6-2,6-2Forgacs (GS) d. Murugooboopathy defForgacs (GS) d. Magory (CofC)Shelly (Wof) d. Moreira def.Hanson (WCU) d. Murugooboopathy (FM) defShelly (Wof) d. Hanson (WCU) 6-3,6-2D. Moitz (Win) d. M. Tazi (CSU)M. Tazi (CSU) d. S. Shelly (Wof) 6-1,6-3
A2 SinglesLaura Ganzer (SC) d. Moore (Fur) 6-4,1-6,6-2Moore (Fur) d. Domela (UTM) 6-3,5-7,6-4Ilina (ETS) d. Novaes (Win) 6-4,6-4Capewell (CofC) d. Domela (UTM) 6-4,6-1Rodezno (Sc St) d. Dewet (UTM) 6-0,6-1Gol (ECU) d. Leeper (MS) 6-1,6-2Morris (Fur) d. Nazaruk (Arm) w/d injuGrage (Arm) d. Williams (Wof) 3-6,7-6,6-4Willis (CofC) d. Jaeger (CSU) 6-1,6-3
B1 SinglesEmmrich (Arm) d. Ramesh (UTM) 6-3,6-2Osborne (Fur) d. Stewart (CofC) 6-3,6-4Osborne (Fur) d. Emmrich (Arm) 3-6,7-5,6-4Miranda Gutierrez (SC) d. Albertz (UTM) 6-1,6-1Eckert (Fur) d. Haggstrom (Arm) 6-2,6-3Miranda Gutierrez (SC) d. Eckert (Fur)Ramesh (UTM) d. Stewart (CofC) 7-5,6-3Albertz (UTM) d. Haggstrom (Arm) 4-6,6-3,6-4Hartness (Wof) d. Bair (CSU) 6-2,6-3Ward (Murr) d. Ziockowski (ETS) 6-4,6-4Hartness (Wof) d. Ward (Murr) 6-1,7-6(4)Moyer (FM) d. Shearman (UTM) defBrown (PC) d. Buchanon (ECU) w/dZiockowska (ETS) d. Bair (CSU) 6-1,6-2Moyer (FM) d. Buchanon (ECU) w/d
B2 SinglesMagda Wojdylo (SC) d. Roberts (CofC) 6-0,6-1Bailey (ECU) d. Bekmetova (Win) 6-4,4-6,7-5Borisev (SC St) d. Bailey (ECU) 6-3,7-6(3)Peaty (Arm) d. Gunn (UTM) 6-0,6-0Megan McGavock (SC) d. Bekmetova (Win) 6-0,6-0Knight (ETS) d. Lask (Mur) 6-4,6-3Baird (Fur) d. Hare (Wof) 6-1,7-6(2)Brieholtz (GS) d. Herd (CSU)Pruitt (Murr) d. Ptak (WCU) 6-1,6-2
C1 SinglesGrace Blakely (SC) d. Foltyn (GS) 6-1,6-4Cruz (SC State) d. Hall (Murr) 6-4,6-0Hodges (Wof) d. Rowan (CofC) 6-2,6-2Walsh (SC) d. Kelly (Arm) 6-0,6-2Priest (ECU) d. Halim (ETS) 6-1,6-0Marks (CofC) d. Netzler (PC) 6-0,6-3Ikard (WCU) d. Corel (FM) def.Davis (Fur) d. Netzler (PC) 6-0,6-0
C2 SinglesMoyer (PC) d. Hancock (CofC) 6-1,6-1Audrey George (SC) d. Sherwood (ETS) 6-1,6-2Audrey George (SC) d. Moyer (PC) 6-0,6-2Popac (SC State) d. Harris (WCU) 3-6,7-5,6-2Smith (ECU) d. McQueen (Murr) 7-6,6-1Smith (ECU) d. Popac (SC State) 6-2,5-7,6-3Sherwood (ETS) d. Hancock (CofC) 6-1,6-0Harris (WCU) d. McQueen (Murr)Robards (Murr) d. Bertram (UTM) 6-2,6-3Brito (SC State) d. Sjovist (WCU) 3-6,6-2,6-0Stricklad (GS) d. Prickett (Woff) 6-1,6-3Aldea (ETS) d. Wilson (CofC) 6-1,6-4Brito (SC State) d. Robards (Murr) 7-6,6-1Stricklad (GS) d. Aldea (ETS) 6-1,2-6,6-3Sjokivist (WCU) d. Bertram (UTM) 6-2,6-0Wilson (CofC) d. Prickett (Wof) 3-6,6-2,6-3
C3 SinglesPanton (SC State) d. Tuckman (CofC) 6-0,6-1Overcash (ECU) d. Ryckman (WCU) 6-2,6-0
A1 DoublesNortje/Donela (UTM) d. Magory/Capewell (CofC) 8-2Cowpers/peaty (Arm) d. Borisev/Brito (SC State) 8-1Bently/Eckert (Fur) d. Ziolkowska/Ilina (ETS) 8-3Lucas/Wojdylo (SC) d. Nortje/Donela (UTM) 8-3Cowpers/Peaty (Arm) d. Bently/Eckert (Fur) 8-4Magory/Capewell (CofC) d. Gol/Buchanana (ECU) def. InjZiolkowska/Ilina (ETS) d. Borisev/Brito (SC State) 7-6 ret.
A2 DoublesHagood/Morris (Fur) d. Breiholtz/Forgacs (GS) 8-5Miota/Novaes (Win) d. Moreira/Stewart (CofC) 9-8(4)Lask/Lask (Murr) d. Emmrich/Grange (Arm) 9-8 (3)Hagood/Morris (Fur) d. Miota/Novaes (Win) def. InjKoon/Gutierrez (SC) d. Lask/Lask (Murr) 8-5Breiholtz/Forgacs (GS) d. Moreira/Stewart (CofC) 8-3Emmrich/Grange (Arm) d. Moyer/Murugooboopathy (FM) def.
B1 DoublesOsborne/Moore (Fur) d. Leeper/Hall (Murr) 8-6Shearman/Ramesh (UTM) d. Tazi/Jaeger (CSU) w/o injCruz/Rodezno (SC State) d. Shearman/Ramesh (UTM) 9-7Leeper/hall (Murr) d. Albertz/Roberts (CofC) 8-6Tazi/Jaeger (CSU) d. Brown/Netzler (PC) 9-7
B2 DoublesBaird/Davis (Fur) d. Foltyn/Stricklad (GS) 8-6Willis/Marks (CofC) d. Gunn/Bertram (UTM) 8-3Ganzer/McGavock (SC) d. William/Hare (Wof)Haggstrom/Nazaruk (Arm) d. Hanson/Plak (WCU) 8-6Willis/Marks (CofC) d. Baird/Davis (Fur) 8-6Ganzer/McGavock (SC) d. Haggstrom/nazaruk (Arm) def. InjFoltyn/Stricklad (GS) d. Dewet/BertramHanson/Ptak (WCU) d. William/Hare (Wof) w/o emer.
C1 DoublesBailey/Smith (ECU) d. Walsh/Blakely (SC) 8-1Shelly/Hartness (Woff) d. Ward/Pruitt (Murr) def. IllBailey/Smith (ECU) d. Ikar/Skokast (WCU) 8-5Shelly/Hartness (Wof) d. Halim/Aldea (ETS) 8-2George/Blakely (SC) d. Bair/Heard (CSU) 8-0Ward/Pruitt (Mur) d. Rowan/Wilson (CofC) 8-3
C2 DoublesBlakely/George (SC) d. Priest/Overcash (ECU) 8-0McQueen/Robards (Mur) d. Sherwood/Beckmon (Win) def.Blakely/George (SC) d. Hancock/Tuckman (CofC) 8-2Popac/Panton (SC State) d. McQueen/Robards (Murr) 8-4Priest/Overcash (ECU) d. Moyer (PC)/ Sarali (WCU) 8-5Sherwood/Beckmon (Win) d. Prickett/Hodges (Woff) 8-6