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April 9, 2011

South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Opening statement
It was a good spring game, in the fact that no one got hurt. We have had some cracked ankles and legs it seems like in this game for some reason, but everybody got through I think unscathed. Connor Shaw had some cramps and dehydration I think, but other than that I think it was a pretty good game. Our QBs have got a lot to learn; they aren’t there yet, but we think they can get there. Connor needs to have a wonderful summer, if he is our QB. Stephen Garcia, his fate will not be determined probably anytime soon. We will see how all of that plays out here, in the next maybe three or four weeks. It was a good game. Our guys gave an excellent effort without hurting each other, which is something we always try to do during a scrimmage.

On today’s game
I thought it was an excellent turnout; it was about like we usually have. Our fans love football here; there has never been any question about that. Fortunately, like I mentioned at halftime we are 12-2 here the last two years. Our team feels very comfortable playing at home and playing in front of the home crowd. We want them to know they are a big part of whatever success we have, and certainly shooting for more success than just the eastern division in the next several years and our fans are a big part of it, and we appreciate them coming out.

On Connor Shaw
Well it was good for Shaw to get a bunch of snaps there. Until he got cramps, or heat dehydration, so he was finished at half time. He’s in good shape so I don’t know if he didn’t have enough Gatorade in him or what. He just needs to take just snap after snap after snap, and we are going to do that next week. We have got two practices available and we are going to let him use them and take his drops and throw.

Depth at running back
We are in good shape. Kenny Miles is an excellent back. He has always averaged about over five yards a carry and I think he did again there today. Of course Eric Baker – Eric was hurt last year. His knees are 100 percent. Josh Hinch, he is a good little football player. We kept dumping off finding him. He is a valuable walk on.

South Carolina Player Quotes

Sophomore Quarterback Connor Shaw
On his performance today
I thought I played pretty decent. There were some times that I overthrew some receivers that I could have hit, but overall it was a good experience. I thought I did pretty well.

On Stephen Garcia
Stephen (Garcia)’s situation doesn’t really faze me. It doesn’t matter if he’s going to be on the field or off the field; I’m going to compete to the best of my ability. If I’m called on to be a starter or play, I’m going to be ready to play.

On playing in front of a crowd
Honestly, after going against Auburn the first time, I’ve settled in and it hasn’t fazed me too much. That was the loudest place I’ve ever played. Obviously, the more reps you get the more comfortable you’re going to be.

Junior Safety DeVonte Holloman
On the quarterbacks’ performance this spring
Dylan (Thompson) had a good spring. He was good the first couple weeks and stayed steady. As far as Connor (Shaw), he’s always consistent. The only thing (Stephen) Garcia has on them is game experience and going through tough times.

On what the defense needs to improve on for fall
We have to be more physical and tackle better than we have been. Too many guys make tackles and get pushed back. We have to be more physical. Hopefully, we will have a lot more turnovers this year than we’ve had in the past.

Sophomore Cornerback Jimmy Legree
On his comfort level compared to last spring
As of now I feel way more comfortable. I’ve got the playbook down pat, and now it’s just time for me to perform.

On his two interceptions
The first pick came from over my shoulder. He broke on the route pretty good. It was just an airball and I got out there. The second one, I knew what route he was running, and I got a good start on him. I think I just wanted the ball more.

Sophomore Tailback Marcus Lattimore
On unveiling the SEC East Championship banner at halftime
It was really exciting. Coach Spurrier told us it was going up and I was really excited to see it because I was a part of it.

On the quarterback uncertainty
As a team we can’t worry about that. We have to worry about winning all our games. I need to be a leader this summer when the coaches aren’t around. I just need to step up.

On the team’s plan for the summer
We have to get work in. We have to get back in shape. I’m excited for the summer and for all the recruits to come in; they’re going to help us out a lot.

Redshirt-Freshman Quarterback Dylan Thompson
On spring overall
I think overall the spring was a success. I grew a lot mentally and physically on the field and on my plays. Today didn’t go as well as I wanted it to. I had a few bad reads, but overall I think the spring was good. I think I did pretty well, but I just have to keep improving over the summer.

On mindset of the quarterbacks given the Garcia situation
Obviously he’s experienced, but we’re just taking it day by day and trying to get better. Myself personally, I’m just trying to keep improving myself because Stephen has a ton more experience than I do. But I’m just trying to stay focused and worry about me.

On what he needs to work on this summer
Just reps, you know I red-shirted last year and didn’t get many reps. But I think just over and over practicing footwork, drops, reads, watching film, that type of stuff.

On feelings of first touchdown
Answered prayer, that would be the best explanation. That was a deep zone, I was going to come down to Marcus (Lattimore) but he was held up, so I ran over to my left and I looked, and DD (DeAngelo Smith), he can jump higher than any of us, I threw it down there and he made a great play as he always does.

Sophomore Wide Receiver DeAngelo Smith
On his transition from high school
We just ran a T-offense in high school, so we would just basically run the ball all the time.

On being able to get out there this spring
It feels pretty good, the last two years I’ve been hurt, so basically I just wanted to get out here and try to make a spot on the team.