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Feb. 5, 2014

Opening Statement
Steve Spurrier
(It is a) good day for the Gamecocks. We really believe we have an outstanding group of players that have signed with us today. We still have one out there that hasn’t signed so we’ll have to wait that one out. Other than that we believe we have addressed a lot of our needs. As all the Gamecocks know, we lost three starting defensive linemen in Jadaveon Clowney, Chaz Sutton and Kelcy Quarles. We have signed I think seven defensive linemen. Another need was defensive back, defensive corner especially with Victor Hampton and Jimmy Legree, one being a senior and one leaving early, we need to replace those players. We’ve picked up four or five defensive back type players that will come in and compete with the guys we’ve got to play that position next year. Eight guys on offense and we think we’ve got some good ones that are going to fill in. We lost Bruce Ellington, Ronald Patrick and the best quarterback to ever play here, Connor Shaw. That’s an area we have to replace and we think Dylan Thompson in an excellent player. Overall I think it’s a really good class, we’re thrilled with all these guys and we think they’re going to fit in very well. We have a chance to have continued success here at South Carolina.

On if he was recruiting players who can come in and contribute this fall
Steve Spurrier
Possibly, we’ve got a lot of good players here. Last year we were the youngest team in Division I football. We only had four seniors on the team so they departed as well as four players who left early. There are some opportunities for these freshmen to play, there’s a good chance some of them can play a bunch next year.

On getting some guys to choose South Carolina on the last day
Steve Spurrier
It certainly makes it [the signing class] stronger. Right now all the paper we’ve sent out has come back with a signature on it. It doesn’t always happen that way. A lot of times these guys at the end don’t know which direction they’re going, but we certainly are thrilled that all these players we had a shot at decided to come with us.

Impact on the continuity of wining helping recruiting
Steve Spurrier Jr.
It makes a huge impact. Winning helps recruiting and recruiting helps winning. It’s a strong cycle. If we go back about four or five years ago and that initial class that really came with us, Stephon Gilmore, DeVonte Hollman, those guys really made a difference and kind of pushed it over the edge with future guys coming here.

To have won 11 the last there years, the exposure we’ve gotten, players know if they come to South Carolina they can play at the highest level and they want to know that. When we go to a house and turn that sheet over with all of our accomplishments, its impressive, it certainly helps.

On the defensive group
Steve Spurrier Jr.
Our biggest need is defensive line and secondary. We signed seven defensive linemen and hopefully four or five secondary players that we really think are exceptional players and mean a lot to this class.

On recruiting in-state players
Steve Spurrier
I think it’s always important to get the best guys in your state; certainly Clemson gets their share also. It really might be one big reason we’re winning 11 games instead of seven like we have in years back. When you get the best players to stay in state, then you’re able to go to the border states like Georgia, North Carolina and a little bit down into Florida where there a good players also. You need to keep the good ones within our state. Both schools [South Carolina and Clemson] have been in the top-10 the last two years so both schools have done pretty well. It’s a good selling point for our state.