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Nov. 25, 2014


Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Opening Statement Last game of the season coming up. Our team feels better than we did three weeks ago, that’s for sure. We’re so proud of the way our guys have bounced back and been fortunate to win a couple games. The last game we had a lot of errors but our defense got five and we were able to beat South Alabama. Clemson is the best defense in the nation right now. Offensively they’ve had some really good games and probably some not so good. They’re an outstanding team and we’re going to really have to play well if we’re going to have a chance up there. It’s the biggest game of the year for probably both teams; neither one of us is going to win our conferences or divisions so obviously it’s the biggest game for both teams I would think.

On Pharoh Cooper’s versatility in offensive game-planning Obviously Pharoh can run, throw, catch, he’s a ball player who can do a lot. We’ve used him a lot lately, looking back we should have used him more in some games at certain times. You can’t give it to him every play, some of our other receivers need to step forward this week. You can’t throw all the passes at Pharoh. Hopefully Damiere (Byrd) and Shaq Roland will have some good games. They’re very capable and for whatever reason it hadn’t worked out.

On the mental edge of a win streak over Clemson The week of the game we’re trying to get our guys ready to play the best we can, trying to take care of the ball better than we did the last game, and worry more about ourselves. I believe every game stands on its own. The team that prepares the best, and obviously plays the best, has the best chance to win the game. We’ve been beating them because we’re had very few turnovers and they’ve had several. We all know that’s a big reason we’ve been able to beat them.

On the defense’s confidence heading into Clemson We have had a lot better two games, held the opponents under 300 yards. I don’t have the real answer for it except our guys played a little bit better. We stopped the run, stopped the pass a little better. We got off to a slow start last week, it seemed like South Alabama was making a whole bunch of third downs – third-and-10s, third-and-eights, 20s, but we really played well in the second half. We know we have to play well up there to give ourselves a chance.

The importance of establishing the running game It would be very nice if we could romp up and down the field against them, I don’t think anybody has done that all year. We have to mix it up – throw a little here, run a little there, try not to let them know exactly what we’re doing. We’ve got to be sharp.

Using past experiences to deal with talented Clemson defensive line We’ll just have to wait and see. You have to hope you don’t get into a bunch of third-and-10s and third-and-15s. If you have to give your tackles or guards a little help occasionally you need to do that.

Preparing to face either Clemson Quarterback Deshaun Watson or Cole Stoudt You wonder if they’re going to run him (Watson) as much as they did before his injuries or not. We’ve just got to come to the ballpark and be prepared for their offense whichever one goes out there.

Senior Spur Sharrod Golightly

On the confidence from personally never losing to Clemson I don’t think we think about it too much, every season is different. We’re excited for the opportunity, we’re going to buckle up Saturday.

Preparing for the Clemson offense The scheme they run is pretty much the same thing we’ve been running against the past three, four weeks. It’s just trying to do some fine-tuning on some of the little things and just get better as a team and try to match their intensity when we go up to Clemson.

Reason for past defensive success against Clemson Attention to detail. We take advantage of every opportunity we get and keep rolling. Every game is a tight battle and we know Clemson is going to come out fighting. Try to take advantage of every down. Details will lead to a win.

Thinking ahead about the Clemson game It’s always in the back of your head but we’re in the best conference in the nation so we always have to worry about week-to-week preparations. Of course Clemson is always in the back of our head. Coming into this Saturday we are definitely counting down from this point forward.

Senior Defensive Lineman J.T. Surratt

On the team’s preparation for Clemson They say it all starts in practice so when we have those good weeks of practice and preparation it all comes together.

Teaching the younger players about the rivalry’s importance Anything that you thought about this team (Clemson) you can forget it. Anybody that loses to somebody five times in a row is definitely going to be prepared. Anything you can do to try to prepare yourself this week, you need to do it because we need your all on every down. We respect this team but we want to beat this team.

Senior Offensive Lineman A.J. Cann

Impressions on Clemson from watching tape Obviously they have a really good defensive line, I think it’s going to be a good game up front. We’re going to have to control the line of scrimmage and I think if we take care of the ball we’ll be alright.

On the offensive line’s play coming into Saturday I feel like every time we had to face a good defensive line we’ve played pretty well. Obviously Clemson has a good defensive line, I think if we prepare well and focus we’ll be fine.

Senior Quarterback Dylan Thompson

On potentially setting the regular-season passing record It’d be cool, but I’d be a lot happier just going up there and getting a win. I don’t care if I throw 50 yards, if we get a win up there that’d be a good memory to have for my last regular season game. If it happens, it happens.

Impressions on Clemson from watching tape Their guys are really active and well coached. They have a lot of stuff they try to throw at you but it starts with those guys up front. They’re high-energy guys, they play fast and they get everybody going.