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VIDEOS: Wednesday Football Media Availability
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VIDEOS: Wednesday Football Media Availability

Coach Will Muschamp along with players Kingsley Enagbare, Jabari Ellis, Cam Smith, Zacch Pickens and Jammie Robinson spoke with reporters via a Zoom call Wednesday.


– Yeah, we’re through six practices yesterday. We were off today. We tested for COVID today and really just had meetings and walkthrough, which is a, I really liked the spreading, you know, the camp out, you know, Sadarius Hutcherson and I were talking about, you know, being able to practice two days and having an off day. And it’s kind of like spring ball almost. You’re able to go back and rehash some things that you need to improve on. And we certainly have a lot of things to improve on, but you know, pretty pleased so far through six. Tomorrow, a lot of situational work. We’ll work one minute with a field goal to win the game, one minute for the touchdown to win the game. And you look at it, you know, 10 conference games, we probably will have five to seven games that’ll come down to the last drive, offensively needing a score, whether it be a field goal or a touchdown. Defensively, they need to make a stop off in staying on the field in a four minute situation, grinding the clock. You can go back and look at 2017. I talked to our players about this morning. You know, we’re six and one in one score games. And that’s obviously coaching very well in those situations, putting your players in positions to be successful, and your players executing at a high level. And a lot of that comes back to discipline. Some of the things I talked to him after practice number six, was disappointed with how we handled some things there. A lot of third down tomorrow and end of game situations, we’ll be in helmets on Friday. And then Saturday, we will go to the stadium for some scrimmage snaps. Will not all be live, but some will be live and some fund, but we will have full operation. Coach Bobo will be in the box and full sideline operation as far as our coaches are concerned and our players as well. You know, Andrew Wise, obviously the disappointing news with MarShawn Lloyd was running down the field and just made a cut little lucky. And he hyper-extended his leg a little bit. He came down, jumped up, you know, genetically he’s different from most human beings. And he jumped up and down a couple times and just was fine. And I didn’t think anything of it and he jogged off the field. We needed to do an MRI and Clint Haggard came to me and said he had torn his ACL. That’s it. There’s no other issues in the knee. So from that standpoint, we’re fortunate. Generally our protocol is to have Dr. Guy and Clint talk to the student athlete and the parents. And then I call just to kind of confirm where we are with things and, you know, to, to attest to MarShawn’s maturity and his mental toughness was, you know, says to me, and as I said to him, I’m so sorry. He said, Coach, this was supposed to happen. And God willing, this happened to me and I’m going to handle it. And that’s just the type of young man he is. He’s in a very good mental place right now. His mama NayShawn and his grandmother came to town Sunday and Monday to meet with Dr. Guy about where everything is. They were very pleased with, you know, our support group here. He’s got a great support group at home and his best football’s ahead of him. I can assure you of that. But other than that, we’re healthy and I’ll open up for any questions.

– [Reporter] Hey Will thanks for doing this. Have you had any guys, so, you know, test positive for corona, have you had to quarantine anybody since the last time we spoke to you?

– Well, we, we tested our team. I don’t know the exact date date, the 17th, the 17th. And we, we did have one positive on our entire team, but that was throughout the entire building. We had either right under our over 300 tests and we had one positive. So we tested again today, we’ll test once a week until we get to game week and then we’ll test three times a week.

– [Reporter] What would you say is your biggest concern so far on having gotten through this, this far into practice?

– Well, I think that, you know, you know, several, I think, you know, continuing, you know, out wide at wide out, Shi has been very dependable. Xavier’s had a good camp. He’s been hobbled a little bit with an ankle, but I think he’s continued to come on for us. We need more guys to step up outside. Jaylin Brooks has been a really, you know, done a really nice job in, in the practices he’s been involved in with some explosive plays, but we need to do continue to have more guys come on. I think Dakereon has done some good things. Josh Vann made a couple of nice plays yesterday, but we need more of those guys to come on. Rico’s a young player, but we’ve got to have some guys that can create some explosives outside. The running back group, obviously we’re dealt a blow here with MarShawn, but Zaquandre has done some really good things. Watching him move around, he’s extremely intelligent. He’s a, the maturity you know it is interesting. I called Jimbo, Zaquandre signed with Florida State out of high school. So I called Jimbo just to kind of, hey, you know what happened? And, and I think sometimes, and Jimbo and Jay Graham, they loved him, sometimes when there is a coaching change, the coach that recruits you, the head coach is not there anymore. The coach that recruits, he’s not there, the position coach is not there. And sometimes young men lose their way a little bit as far as you know, where, where I am in, in this process and this transition, I think that’s what happened with Zaquandre. He’s been great. I mean, our guys love him and he’s come in the building and works extremely hard, but I’ve been very pleased with him. Deshaun’s had some really good days. You know, as far as our first six practices, Kevin Harris has done a good job and Rashad Amos is a really talented young player. Needs to continue to come on mentally, but again, that’s kind of, and I met with our leadership group this morning and I emphasize to them, you know this is the time of camp you’re working into that seventh, eighth, ninth practice where young players especially have a hard time continuing to burn and strain and, and really push themselves and really where you lose more than anythings mentally. It’s not physically. So we got to continue to push that. We need to be more consistent on the offensive line, Jaz Turnetine, you know, Jaylen Nichols, Jakai Moore, Jovaughn Gwyn. Those guys need to be more consistent in what we’re doing. Bottom line. You know, Nick Muse has done a nice job at tight end. We still need to continue to come on at that position. I think up front defensively, Jabari has had a good camp, Keir Thomas, Zacch Pickens, Rick Sandidge continues to come on. Alex Huntley as a young player, I’ve been very pleased with how he’s, you know, kind of handled the moment as far as those things. I think Saturday’s a big day for everybody, but certainly young guys for the first time in the stadium, seeing how they perform. Aaron Sterling and JJ have played well on the edges. Brad is playing both sam and buck for us. And, and Brad, I think is in the best shape he’s been in since he’s been here, he’s playing well at the point of attack. Tonka Hemingway as a young players, continues to come on, Joe Anderson, we talked about Jordan Birch a little bit. Ernest is still out at linebacker. I do think we’ll get him back, you know, around that September 7th date, as far as that’s concerned, which is still three weeks out from the first ball game, which should be plenty of time to make sure he’s ready to play. Sherrod Greene’s been very consistent the last two days. And that’s his mid spin. His challenge for him is just playing consistent football down in, down out. Damani I think has done a nice job for us continuing to build depth at the linebacker position and to play better at the safety position. We haven’t played very well. You know, you rarely go back and T Rob and I were talking last night, in 2017, Chris Lammons and DJ Smith, and that’s the best safety play we’ve had since we’ve been here. And it’s been very inconsistent to this point. We need to play better there. So a lot of concerns, you know, punter position, Kai has been shown a very good leg, but been inconsistent at times with some things. We’re going to do some, some live punt on Saturday, where we going to put him under duress a little bit and got to get the ball off. Who will be our punt returner, I don’t know yet. Jaycee Horn’s done some nice things. Jammie Robinson’s done some nice things, Shi Smith, all three of those guys who will be our kickoff return, or we’re going to get a live rep on Saturday. I don’t know, you know, where we’ll go as far as that. Xavier Legette, Shi Smith, Dakereon Joyner. So again, there’s a lot of question marks in the return game, the punting game, and then some of the things that I hit on, you know, positionally on offense and defense.

– [Reporter] Yeah, well, I guess how’s it you’ve been in terms of into defensively fitting a ball . It’s kind of one of things we can talk about going into it either. Just how’s that been officially a couple of days at camp.

– Well, again, that’s a double edged sword for the head coach. The defensive guys are happy about it, and I think we’ve done a good job the first couple of days. And then offense has done a better job at taking care of the ball. The last couple of days, we did have a tip ball interception down in the red zone yesterday. And it was, which was, you know, obviously extremely disappointing offensive. We’ve got to get to do a better of scoring touchdowns in the red zone. We’re less than 50% last year, which is the worst in the Southeastern Conference and capitalizing on opportunities when we get there. But I think that we, you know, the guys have understood more defensively about getting their hands on the ball. And I think for the most part, we’ve done a pretty good job, you know, up until, you know, last couple of days we did have one yesterday, but that was it.

– [Reporter] Will, when you go into that kind of scrimmage situation, what are you looking for first from a team team overall standpoint, and then especially from kind of the quarterback position?

– Well, I think as much as anything just procedurally offensively functioning, without issues, self-inflicted wounds, off sides, substitution issues, getting the call, getting the correct call in the huddle. If we’re all on the line of scrimmage on the line of scrimmage, the communication details that you got to have offensively and playing a clean game, you know, obviously would you like to have some explosive plays, absolutely. Would you like to score a lot of points? Absolutely. But I think in the first scrimmage with the coaches totally off the field, you know, those that’s point one and two, and then the rest you want it, you want to have follow. You know, we need to be an explosive offense. Defensively, I would say a lot of the same. The communication issues to make sure there’s not a lot of self-inflicted problems because of lack of communication, because of lack of substitution, because of lack of awareness of down and distance. You know, you want to be able to tackle well, in situation, we’ve worked on a lot of tackling drills. We haven’t necessarily applied them in a game situation. So that will be some live tackling on Saturday. So, so those are always important, but I would say, you know, just starting out, that’s what you’re looking for. And then you got to obviously go from there. You got to have some guys create some explosive plays offensively, some guys get their hands on the ball defensively. And again, like I said before, it’s a double edged sword for me. There’s part of it that you’re excited about and there’s part of you going to be really disappointed about. And as you leave the scrimmage, so, you know, those are all things that I’ve, I think as you evenly approach things, I think we’ve made more explosive plays in six practices than we have around here in a long time. Vertically down the field, Mike does a really good job of creating some issues for you, defensively that you, you won’t create some one on ones. And we got to go when our one-on-one match-ups down the field, whether that’s on offense as a receiver, that’s on defense as a defensive back.

– [Reporter] Yeah, Coach could you just address says about Collin Hill. It’s just his passion, the game that he has his degree, he certainly could have walked away from football at three ACLs he’s still out here trying to compete and wants to play the game more than ever.

– Well, in the short time I’ve gotten to know Collin and I knew him a little bit in high school, when we first got here, we tried to recruit him and he was loyal to Mike and Colorado State. But you know, he’s a, he’s a competitive, tough guy. He obviously has a little bit of a leg up from the standpoint of understanding the system, the terminology, what Mike expects from the quarterback position. And so from that standpoint, but he is a, he is a very competitive, tough guy. And I was standing with Nick Muse the other day and he said, it’s one thing coming off one ACL. I can’t imagine three. And that says a lot about his toughness, as far as that’s concerned, but it’s been really, I’ve really enjoyed having Colin here and what he brings to our program and what he brings to our locker room, what he brings to the quarterback room. I think he’s been very good for Ryan. And I think Ryan’s done a really good job of continuing to learn all the different things. Cause Mike puts a lot on the quarterback and he’s very demanding of that position.

– [Reporter] Being a new guide is just called a meet I want to command a little bit more respect from his teammates in the locker room and on the field just because when they know his story and what he’s been through.

– Well I don’t think there’s any question that, you know, he’s a guy that, you know, number one, I’ve been doing this a long time as a player and a coach, you know, respect, first of all, is earned through what kind of player you are. And the guy’s a good football player. And he plays the quarterback position. He can make all the throws. So that’s number one, where you command respect, and then it, then it goes back to the second part of that is the kind of person you are. And they see the kind of guy is the kind of what he’s been through, what his history has been with three ACLs and what he’s had to deal with and what he’s had to fight back from. And it’s like, Nick Muse looked at me one day and said, this guy has been through three ACLs, I’ve been through one. I can’t imagine, you know what he’s been through. So there’s no question his experience and his history does command respect.

– [Reporter] Will, are you still rotating Collin and Ryan on a daily basis with the ones?

– Yeah, they’re getting even reps, one reps with the first group one day, the other one does the next day. And then we’re mixing Luke in there.

– [Reporter] Have you seen any daylight in that competition?

– Not at this time. I mean, I think Saturday would be good to get off the field and let them go out and administer the offense and run the offense. And, and we’ll, we’ll go from there.

– [Reporter] Is there a timeline for where the rotation has to stop and you have to have one guy getting the bulk of the snaps?

– Well, obviously there will be at some point, Mike and I haven’t talked about that, but you know, again, with the situation that we’re going into, we need to be very fluid in what we’re doing and everybody needs to be ready to go.

– [Reporter] Well, I guess the NCAA came out and said that players get another year of eligibility. I’m just curious, kind of how that impacts roster construction, you know, additions, maybe in the recruiting class. How do you kind of go about that building a roster, knowing that you could potentially have every guy on this team back next year?

– Well, I think, you know, Colin, what we first did was I called, had George Wynne called Chance Miller, who is Assistant Athletic Director, but also is in Compliance to come to our players and explain exactly the verbiage of ruling from the NCAA, which in essence says, if you’re a freshmen now and you play in 10 games, 12 games, 15 games, 18 games, whatever you play in, you’re going to be a freshmen. Your clock is not going to be effected. As far as that, if you’re a senior, you’re going to be a senior next year. So nothing will be affected as far as your clock is concerned. And I think our guys understood that. I think it’s a great ruling from the NCAA because of all the uncertainty about where things are and who is playing and who’s not playing. You know, Parker White’s already told me he’s putting his name on, on the stadium. He said, Elliot Fry needs to get ready, it’s coming off. So I think Parker plans on being here for a couple of years. Some of them have expressed to me, depending on how this year goes, how this fall, how I play, I’d love to come back and I’d love to have them all back. So I think that you got some guys that are graduating or in some guys that have graduated that want to work on a second degree that want to work on a master’s degree. That’s been expressed to me on what with several guys, but again, that’s all, you know, will be handled down the line, what we haven’t discussed and what ruling has not happened is, you know, is how do we count the scholarships moving forward? I would assume that we will do something very similar to what they did with the spring sports to discount the senior class and count your 85 minus your senior class. So I’m assuming that will happen Colin, but that decision has not been made yet.

– [Reporter] Will have you heard anything about Jalen Brooks waiver? Everybody’s complimentary about him at practice, but if you heard anything, if he could play this year.

– No, we have not. I don’t know that we’ve submitted it yet. That there is a process to that to make sure that you, you know, no different than Nick Muse last year. I think we’re obviously a little early than we were with Nick as far as the time that we have in front of us, but he’ll continue to rep, but we have not heard anything.

– [Reporter] Two questions. First, is Shi working more inside or outside? And, and how much have you seen him grow and develop? You know, from the guy who came on campus four years ago?

– I’ve seen him grow and develop a lot to be able to sit in the leadership meeting this morning and look at him and say, we need you to hold some guys accountable. It’s your position. You know, which I don’t know that I would have said that, you know, three years ago to Shi, but he’s continued to come on. I think he’s having a good camp and he’s playing every position at the receiver position.

– [Hale] Just talking to some of the guys a little while ago about them buying into the idea of just leading that boring life that you’ve been preaching. How reassuring is it for you and the rest of the staff that to know that the guys are, are, you know, listening to that message and willing to, to bind to them?

– Well, I think that, you know, our, we always talk about ownership in our organization and in the really good teams I’ve been a part of the coaches was we’re just the stewards of the ship. And we just guided where we were going. And really the players, you know, controlled the discipline. They controlled the team. And I, and that’s what I’ve seen from a lot of these guys, especially the older guys, making sure the younger guys for the first time, some of these young guys have been to college and sometimes probably as we all, and I’ll be the first one to say, didn’t make great decisions as a, you know, as a, as a young college student. And we’re just at a different day in time and guys got to make great decisions right now and they got it. They need to understand that their, the impact of their decision doesn’t, you know, could mean be very detrimental to a senior, to a someone that’s been in our program for a long time. And all of a sudden one poor decision leads to someone being quarantined for two weeks, which is a long time in football. So again, those are things that we continue to talk to our guys about, but I think our leadership groups done a really good job of continuing that message in the locker room. And to hear a lot of our guys comments in terms of leading a boring life, says that the point is getting across. I hope it’s getting across to everybody.

– [Reporter] Will, when you look at guys who have followed the path that Jabari Ellis appears to be on, which is to say not a lot of contributions for two or three years, even, and then starting or playing a lot as a senior, is there a common thread that those guys have or exhibit or part of that process?

– Well, Jabari played a bunch for us last year. I don’t I’m and I’m, I don’t know about starting I’m and maybe he did, or he didn’t, but he was at the end of the last season, he was a really good football player for us. He was extremely disruptive. He could hold the point and he rushed the passer well. You know, we all mature in different stages. And, and it was funny, you asked the question, I walked by Javari the other day before our fifth practice. And I said, think about day one, practice. And compared about where you are now, you know, would you, would you have ever thought? He said, no, he said, but I was going to stay the course. I know that. So again, he’s a guy that’s, you know, continued to work through it and didn’t get frustrated. Didn’t throw the ball in, didn’t blame a coach, didn’t blame another player, and continue to improve himself. And you got to credit Jabari Ellis with that. It means and that’s a talent to me to have a guy that’s willing to persevere and push and battle through adversity and battle through not playing as much as you want to play, you know? And no one wants to go through that. But the guy now has really developed himself into being a good football player and really proud of him and how he’s handled the whole situation.

– [Reporter] Coach, I know you’ve said with these last couple of weeks that you liked the idea of being able to spread things out in terms of camp, it’s still 25 days of practice. But as you guys go into this scrimmage, being able to continue to adjust to all these different challenges, the face guards, the shields on the sideline, how much do you think that will help in terms of being able to get these guys ready? And then going into a scrimmage like this, how much you guys are going to try to make it as real, a as close to a game as possible to get that feel.

– Well, anytime we step in the stadium at Williams Bryce, we’re going to make it as game day as we can. So we’ll have game uniforms that we’ll be wearing for this fall. You know, the defensive be in one uniform, the offense will be in another than the next time we go in the stadium would be the same operation. Game helmets will be used. I mean, we’ll go through no, nothing different from game day. As far as when we step into the stadium, we may do a little bit more practice before we start the scrimmage. We haven’t decided that yet. I haven’t decided that yet, but we’re going to look at that as a staff this afternoon, to figure out what we need to do and what’s best for our team. And we need a lot of guys to get looks because again, like we, we, we got to, we’ve got to have some depth as we, as we enter the season and a little bit in the unknown here of what we’re going through. And we’ve got to have as much depth as we can create on our football team.

– [Reporter] Will, how’s Jahmar Brown factoring in at safety and how have John Dixon and Cam Smith looked in their battle at cornerback?

– Yeah, Jahmar is doing a good job at the safety position. He’s also playing the dime linebacker for us, which gives us some flexibility, creates depth for our team, but, you know, might be our best combination of, of people on the field at this time. When he’s playing at the dime, we’re very athletic and playing space has got instincts to play in the box. We’re going to continue to get him more reps there. But I think again, the safety position, we put a lot on those guys as far as, you know, verbiage and making calls and getting the calls communicated and having urgency and some things that he just, we haven’t ever asked him to do, but I think he’s handling those things very well through, through the first six, we got to continue to progress. You know, Cam and John are going to provide us to be very flexible in the secondary. Both guys have had some really bright moments in the first six days. Both guys need to be more consistent in their play-making and their physicality of play. At the end of the day, a lot of condensed formations. Our league has kind of evolved to that in making corners tackle. And those guys got to be more physical on the edges to tackle better, but both guys have demonstrated some very good coverage ability, especially in the red zone yesterday. Our offense when after John a little bit, and he responded the right way. I mean, he made some plays on the ball and very proud of how he, how he handled that. Cam has done some nice things as far as making some plays on the ball, but both guys have had a good camp so far.

– [Reporter] Coach, obviously the news of Jacob Blake has been in the new cycle here past 48, 72 hours. What have the conversations been like as you guys continue the conversations that you had a couple of months ago in the locker room?

– Well, I met with the leadership group today and we had some discussion, not necessarily necessarily about that specific incident. I have not seen the film. I haven’t seen any footage of it. My wife, I think it was two nights ago. I came home and she told me what a horrific situation there in Wisconsin and what had happened. And again, it’s a, it’s a senseless situation that I don’t know enough about it, to be honest with you right now, other than what my wife briefed me on when I came home. So I don’t want to comment any further than that, other than, than we have had some discussions within our, our, our staff is concerned with it. And as we continue to move forward, we’re going to support our players as best we can. The best thing we can do is to put it in our player’s hands and our hands, as far as voting and putting the right people in office to make the right decisions to represent our country.

– [Reporter] Yeah, T last week. And then some of the players today mentioned that going against Mike Bobo’s offenses is really a challenge from a multiple formation standpoint and just keeping them on their toes. Is what you’ve seen from the offense, just schematically, kind of what you envisioned from Mike at this point?

– Yes. I think that, you know, and obviously facing Mike at Georgia, totally different from some things he did at Colorado State. And it’s probably a mixture of both, I would say, but due gives you a lot of different eye candy, as far as motions and shifts are concerned, you got to be able to leverage formations on him. And it creates some issues, create some match mismatch issues, as far as those things are concerned, but I’m very pleased with what, how we’re progressing offensively, schematically as far as those things are concerned. And they do, John give you a lot of issues, as far as those things are concerned and being able to leverage formations and, and, and understand, you know, defensively, some of the things you’ve got to go through and adjust out against some of the match-ups he creates.

– [Reporter] Yeah. I don’t know if there’s any offensive coordinator you’ll go against it on the schedule that’s that’s like Mike, but are you pleased with the way your defensive players have responded to that challenge?

– Yeah, I think our guys, you know, part of the, the evaluation process and recruiting is competitive edge. And you want guys that want to go compete and get after it. And I think that as we’ve continued to recruit here, we’ve recruited more guys that have that competitive edge that you got to have to be successful. And, and I I’ve been pleased with how our guys have competed. Now we got to keep our composure a little bit in some situations, and we’ve had some guys lose their composure, you know, at practice, which, you know, that’s good and bad, at the end of the day. It’s training camp, you’re, you’re tired of beating on each other, you get frustrated, but you’ve got to be a we want to be a violent composed football team. And when you lose your composure, you have a hard time making really good decisions as a player, as far as those things are concerned. So that’s something we’ll continue to work on.

– [Reporter] Kind of two questions in terms of players opting out, have you had any more, and I guess what’s the process say if Jordan Rhodes or Mark Fox says they want to come back, how does that process work? And what have you seen from Luke Doty during practice? And do you envision a package of some sort for him now that there’s no real, I guess, red shirt rule this year?

– Going back to the opt-out you mean that that’s, those are conversations that’ll stay between us and I, to my knowledge, if a player decides to come back, he can at any time. And certainly either one of those players would be more than welcome to come back, but I certainly respect and understand their decision. Make sure we’re clear on that. You know, as far as Luke was concerned, we’ve never had any discussion about red shirting. He was going to play. And Mike has been extremely pleased with his progression at the quarterback position, as well as at the receiver position. Again, we’ve said it before, he’s one of the best athletes on our team, and we need to find ways to get him on the field. He’s got a great competitive edge, competitive edge. He practices really hard. He runs 4.4 you know, and he throws the ball extremely well. So you all can keep talking about wild cat and all that. That’s good. Let’s let all the defensive coordinators think we’re going to be in a wild cock formation when he’s back there, because he can throw the ball extremely well too.

– [Reporter] Will, one of your guys mentioned George Wynn, describing the situation that you guys are trying to put players in is as being in a bubble. Is that a word you use and is that kind of a situation of mindset you’re sort of trying to imprint on the guys, or not really?

– Well, you know, George has done, you know, he and Clint Haggard, they’ve both been really good at the protocols that we have in place. And it’s amazing the people around the country that are calling them to find out what we’re doing, and you got to credit George and Clint and in all situations. But, you know, that’s something that we’ve kind of referred to our guys about it. And, and we, we can’t necessarily put you in a bubble, but you need to, you need to approach your life that way you need to be at your 650 Lincoln only around people, you know, not around any strangers, no exposure to the unknown. You need to be in our building. We’re feeding you all the food, as far as those things are concerned. And as we continue to say, lead a very boring life, and if we’ll, that is what we refer to as the bubble. And if you’re not putting yourself with exposure to the unknown, you know, we feel like we can be pretty successful, you know, battling this, this virus.

– [Reporter] Hey, there we go. So to that end coach, I’m just wondering, you know, on game days, you know, for a player, how different will it look and feel, and how are you guys kind of trying to mitigate, you know, what contact between other players on game days? And I guess from a fan perspective, too, how different will it look? Do you guys plan on, on spacing out the players a little bit more on game days, or is it too early to kind of have those conversations?

– I know that there’s some protocols in place that we haven’t quite frankly talked about. How, you know, I don’t think there’ll be a whole lot of interaction with fans at all, which is unfortunate, but that’s, that’s the situation that we’re in right now. You know, as far as the sidelines concern, our guys are all be required. If they don’t have their helmet on to have a, some form form of a face covering on the sideline. We have talked to our guys about that, and that’ll be in place when we, when we go over to the stadium on Saturday. We actually are going to have a staff meeting this afternoon at four o’clock to discuss a lot of these issues that George Wynn is going to update us on, on what are the protocols for game day for the sideline procedures and those things. So we can start working on them on Saturday. So our players will not be shocked by anything that we ask them to do on game day.